A large amount of the great work we do at Plantation Shutters is also done alongside those in the property world. Developing flats and houses so that they’re completely up to scratch and looking outstanding for when those looking to buy or rent come along to see them.

We recently worked alongside Huxley Land in this capacity to help them construct another one of their stunning flats that accompany the other amazing houses and flats that are dotted around London that only exist through their hard work.We installed shutters for their project involving the up and coming Electric Avenue in Brixton. But not just for one of their apartments but four of them. All are fantastic looking, modern and perfectly crafted to back up the status that Brixton is accumulating as a hotspot in the property world.

As you can see from the pictures we worked in kitchens and living rooms but also two bedrooms for this project. Huxley Land contacted us with a need for interior shutters and one of our highly experienced and dependable surveyors met with them to discuss their needs as developers on this project.

With the properties being on the infamous Electric Avenue, the main priority for Huxley Land was their respect for the privacy of the future owners of the properties from onlookers that walk through the hectic streets below. But they also respected these owner’s and their desire for flexible access to natural light. So with this, Huxley Land decided on a majority of their shutters to be Café Style, with the exception of two windows on the first floor that were fitted with Full Height as an assurance of privacy.

Café style was a great choice as the panels cover the bottom half of the window giving eye level height of privacy while leaving the top half open thus allowing natural light to shine through, giving the apartments a warm glow. The full height shutters we installed on the first floor was the correct style of shutter to choose as it certified privacy for the first home owner as the panels cover the entirety of the window frames thus preventing the lingering presence of unwanted onlookers.


Cafe Style Shutters in the Living Room

Photo Source: Huxley Land

All of our made to measure shutters have various options of Louvre (slat) sizes that they come in. And how you choose them is entirely up to the taste and preference of the homeowner. However, as this order was made on a professional trade basis, the individual in charge of making this decision was advised by our surveyor to opt for the Classic Range. The 64mm slat size is one of the most popular sizes to choose from in our selection that we have to offer. So for the sake of variance of taste, this was the safest option to take. And made extra stylish by the option of not having a tilt rod, thus giving the shutters a minimalist look that is very popular in modern homes. But again these choices really depend on the taste of the individual at hand.

As you can see from the selection of pictures here, the primary colour of the interior design of these flats is white with various additions of bright colours off-set against it like yellows and greys and this makes the decision to have the shutters come in Pure White the perfect colour option to take as it effortlessly blends in with the rest of the room.

The material that Huxley Land decided upon was the very popular Pearlwood that offers the largest range of colour options to choose from as well as an additional wide range of design choices to be made such as tilt rod options, slat size options and shutter style options. The main focal point of this shutter material is its high strength to weight ratio that makes it one of the most durable and options that we offer. Along with this durability that comes with the selection of the Pearlwood material, all of our shutter materials are resistant to chipping, warping, cracking and fading. Thus making it a very attractive and long-lasting window dressing option for the home and in this case Huxley Land.

We thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Huxley Land to help them complete these stunning flats that run alongside their vast repertoire of homes and apartments that they have designed and built all over London

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