We featured in The Times once again talking about shutters being the window dressing of the moment. According to writer Eleanor Doughty, net curtains and roller blinds are out of fashion and shutters are surely the most suitable solution for your window.

Eleanor spoke to our founder Rob about whether shutters are just another fad and he explained how the UK shutter market has been growing by 30-35% per year and that shutters are the largest growing product in the window coverings market.  So they are definitely not a fad! They are around to stay in our windows for the long term.

There are many reasons for this growth and popularity including style, privacy, potentially adding value to your home and adding a different texture to a room.  Furthermore they are a very practical window solution and easy to clean unlike curtains and blinds, all they require is a little dusting. Another great feature is they are perfect for unusually shaped windows because they are custom made to fit a window. They maintain the character of the window instead of hiding it away behind curtains or blinds.

Shutters are easily customizable to any room and you can experiment with slat size, style, colour and material so they perfectly suit the room they are being installed in.  The article further mentions how shutters are available in many different materials that can suit anyone’s budget from more cost effective materials like MDF to premium ranges such as white teak which adds that special touch to your home.  

So if you don’t have shutters on your windows yet get in contact with us to install the most fashionable window covering in your home!

If you’re a The Times subscriber, you can read Eleanor’s full article here – Forget net curtains and roller blinds.