It’s a design choice that we see many of our clients toying between because a matter of millimetres can have a significant effect on the overall design finish of shutters…slat size. 

Just like goldilocks came across three bowls of porridge to find the perfect choice, we have three main slat sizes to choose from when it comes to your shutters. Not quite ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’, but there is an ideal option for everyone when it comes to shutter slats and finding your ideal size can ensure you are getting the perfect set of shutters for you. 

64mm – Classic

The 64mm slat is the most traditional of our standard slat sizes and creates a more classic finish to shutter panels when selected.

The smallest of the three standard sizes, 64mm slats are commonly paired with a tilt rod to embody this more traditional shutter style. Those looking to really go traditional will likely choose to have lots of smaller panels installed to the window too. Metallic hinges will also provide this classic shutter style as colour matching hinges and fixings is a relatively modern design choice for shutters.

76mm – In vogue

The middle of our standard shutter slat size range is the 76mm ‘in vogue’ choice. This mid-range choice ensures a brilliant combination of the visuals of a slightly larger slat size with the improved privacy of having more slats in a panel, gaps between the slats are smaller when opened than the 89mm so less of the room is visible when letting light through into the space.

76mm is gradually becoming the most popular choice amongst clients because many find that the middle ground it provides between the other sizes gives it somewhat of a ‘best of both worlds’ style.

89m – Modern

89mm slats are the largest of our standard slat sizes. Modern interiors favour larger profiles which is why 89mm slats are called our modern range.

Having large slats can be beneficial as they let in a great deal of light when opened. Larger slats also make for less within the panel which sees less slat tolerances when the slats and panels are closed. Homeowners looking to create the most complete level of darkness in rooms will find it more effective to have minimal slats in a panel because there are fewer tolerance gaps for light to seep through. This is only really a consideration for clients who are particularly sensitive to light and need the most complete level of darkness in the home at all times.


There are multiple ways to see our various slat size options. You can visit our showroom where we have panels lined up for direct comparison of these standard slat sizes and full shutter examples which show the different options in a standard shutter. When one of our expert surveyors calls out for a comprehensive consultation visit, they have examples of all of our different slat sizes and you can also view some lovely image examples of all available options on our slat sizes. You can get a clear example of how these different slat sizes compare by looking at different windows (for example bay windows, with the various sizes installed) which will give an example of all that is available.