In the South East of London in Eltham is this beautifully newly redecorated home. When our clients moved into this home, they thought it needed an update and fully redecorated it, turning it into the beautiful home it is now. Having used our South East franchise before, in a previous house, they thought what better choice than to get us back and fit shutters into their new home.


The Living room is situated at the front of the house with three large windows creating the look of a bay window. Seeing as the room is a long slimmer room than most they wanted to be able to save some of the space around the windows for their couches, so choosing shutters again were the best option. Not only do they help save on that extra space, but they also are perfect for getting that extra privacy so nosy onlookers can’t peer into the room while you are sitting there relaxing. They went for a sleeker contemporary look with the hidden tilt.


Full HeightCraftwood MDFModern (89mm)ContemporaryPure WhiteWhite Hinges

They decided to keep the wooden flooring in the master bedroom to match the natural woods of the furniture making the whiter interiors such as the shutters and bedding really stand out. Going for the full height with a mid-rail not only makes them structurally sturdier but they also look great on tall windows, giving you that option to fully open the top slats while angling the bottom ones for that much-needed privacy. There is no need to compromise on style, privacy and light when choosing shutters.


Full HeightCraftwood MDFModern (89mm)ContemporaryPure WhiteWhite Hinges

Much like the other rooms in the house, the daughter’s room also has full height shutters. Wanting to have the chest of drawers in front of the window, our clients didn’t want to have to worry about needing to constantly fit the curtains or blinds down behind the furniture. Instead, with shutters, you just need to angle the slats open when you want light and close them at night for darkness and privacy.

Our shutters really finish off the look of this home making it a wonderful and comfortably stylish home to live in. The shutters chosen were Full Height with mid-rail which provides a modern and clean feel to their home. They opted for 89mm slat size which is incredibly stylish and provides the maximum amount of light coming into the home. In terms of material, our clients chose to have Craftwood MDF which is one of our most popular woods. They wanted the shutters to fit seamlessly into the window frame, so they chose Pure White for the paint finish with white hinges.

Plantation Shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family looking to add a stylish and new touch to their home. They are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and perfectly adaptable for your family requirements. For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222  or email our friendly team today.