Other than the multitude of bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms that we have fitted shutters to, we have also worked with clients and the windows on their landings. Clients still want access to natural light but when descending the stairs in the AM, sometimes, there is such thing as too much natural light.

This latest fitting brought us to Broxbourne in Hertfordshire and a very peaceful little road just off Lee Valley Regional Park. And as can be seen from the window fixture in the picture above, that problem of natural light is absolutely solvable and you won’t need to sacrifice the window’s stylish appearance either.

Alongside two other rooms in our client’s house that were fitted with shutters, one of our top surveyors talked through the best option for this landing and both himself and the client arrived at the plan to install full height shutters as the entire space would be covered with ease and any other option would have been unnecessary as the window is quite small.

And the chosen material for the fixture was Pearlwood which is one of our finest materials available to choose from as well as being one of the most stylish choices available and indeed taken by our clients. The quality comes across in its stunning silver like colour and its tight grains.

The colour of Pure White was a great option chosen by the client as it suited the colour of the walls as well as providing a neutral option to compliment the plant, carpet and beautiful canvases on the walls.

The fashionable 76mm louvre size known as In Vogue was a good choice by the client as this slat size is very easy to operate and is a great compromise between the traditional and modern styles of our lifestyle range. Trendy but also that extra bit cosy.

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