Here at Plantation Shutters we are incredibly conscious about the environment and ensure we recycle and reuse where possible. We feel this is important as we are a big company and want to do our part in not only making homes better but also the environment.

Thanks to you, we are very busy measuring for and fitting our shutters in homes all over London and South East England. The volume of shutters we are fitting are increasing each year. Each panel is packaged into cardboard boxes, so the amount of cardboard we collect each day is enormous. In order for us to manage all of these boxes efficiently, responsibly and sustainably we have invested in a cardboard bailing machine to flatten and bail all of the boxes together to then be recycled.  

Our manufacturer, Nien Made Enterprise Co Ltd respect and support the responsibility to forest management. They have teamed up with the Solomon Island Government with the mission to replenish the forest. Not only do they ensure we follow the best practices in responsible sourcing but most importantly, it generates many jobs for the locals. Nien Made also ensure all of their wood is thoroughly inspected in order to maintain a legal and sustainable chain of custody. Visit our manufacturer page to find out more.

How Do We Make Sure Our Products Are Safe For You And Your Family?

Plantation Shutters Ltd recognises the importance of using products that are safe for your family and the environment. No harmful substances are added in our products during the manufacturing processes. It is our goal to make use of sustainable, non-toxic and recyclable materials. Our manufacturer has rigorous requirements and standards for the production processes, including the strict management of upstream supply chain procurement. All raw materials must comply with legal regulations and requirements for the contents of 8 major heavy metals when making purchases.

All suppliers of raw materials must provide the latest test reports every 3 months to check on the health, safety and quality of our products at the source. This means that all of our raw materials have extremely low or nil VOC’s, heavy metals and formaldehyde emissions as well as no added harmful chemicals. As a final check to give our clients the peace of mind that our shutter products have all been tested and approved under the European REACH standards