Shutters are a fantastic way to boost your bathroom to new levels both in design and practicality. Here are some recent examples of customers who took their bathroom to new heights and transformed them into luxurious spaces by adding shutters to the windows.


This modern, geometric, black and white bathroom is unique in design with the individual tiles providing a pleasant mixture of patterns so that the room has a truly special décor.  

Tier on Tier style shutters like those installed here are a very popular choice thanks to the extra versatility that they provide to a space. Many find this convenient in bathrooms where the Tier on Tier style has been chosen instead of a café style as top panels can be opened whilst bottom panels remain closed to allow plenty of light to shine through into the space yet maintaining the desired levels of privacy in the room.

Because the shutters are made in our waterproof material, they can be splashed without concern of becoming damaged over time as they are specifically manufactured and finished to be protected in any instance that water hits them.

The Pure White colour links directly into the white of the tiles so makes for a wonderful match in the shutters. The hinges for these shutters are different to the white colour of the panels as the stainless steel finish is required to ensure every part of the shutter is fully waterproofed.

Without a tilt rod function means that with the help of an internally built mechanism, the slats are controlled by simply pushing a single slat in the section allowing all of the slats to follow suit.


This bathroom has a simplistic white finish across all aspects of the room so the addition of the warmer silk white with matching hinges has added an additional depth to the tone into the room to help the shutters stand out as their own individual element.

As these shutters are located a little further out from splash risks from the sink and shower, the homeowner decided to have the shutters made in our Craftwood MDF as an alternative to the waterproof. Though MDF is not waterproof, the polypropylene coating that surrounds the MDF does still offer a good level of water resistance

The 76mm slat size in the ideal middle ground of our standard sizes and gives a great distribution of slats in the full height shutters with a single slat section added.


Classic luxury is the design take on this bathroom. Pure White Hardwood shutters allow for a clean and simplistic finish which keeps the metallic fixtures as the eye-catching additions to the stand-alone bathtub. Once again made in a Tier-on-Tier style, residents can soak in the tub privately yet have the top panels open to let light through during the day.

89mm slats make for less slats in each panel which combined with a hidden tilt control mechanism provides a modern finish to the shutters and the room.


This final bathroom fitting is by far our favourite. The décor is modern, colourful, and eye catching and we absolutely love the effect the shutters give to the windows and the overall space. The bright pastel blues of the room mean that the Pure White of the shutters wonderfully compliment the window area without taking away focus from this carefully designed room.

Our Craftwood MDF and 64mm slats are a classic combination and the without a tilt rod keeps the shutter finish sleek and easy to control.

This project was undertaken alongside one of our trusted trade partners, Interiors of Chiswick, and their eye for fine detail and stunning interiors is always a pleasure to behold when we have the honour of supplying shutters for their projects.

If you want to transform your bathroom with Plantation Shutters then give the team a call on 020 8871 9222 and start your shutter journey today!