A recent fitting we completed just off Wandsworth Common, not far at all from our office, saw us fit some stunning café style shutters to a gorgeous bay window.

When it comes to installing shutters in living room window and especially for families, one of the key reasons for them is a basic need for privacy. As most of our living room look out over busy streets, anyone could simply peer in on you as you sit watching TV. But of course with this, our client doesn’t need a close to black out effect in the living room as much as they’d need it in the bedroom.

And this is why, when our client met with one of our highly experienced surveyors, they both agreed that café style shutters was the ideal option for them. Café shutters are a great option for the living room as it heightens your sense of privacy as well as allowing desired natural light to be let in, giving the room a warmed glow as you can see from the picture above. To accommodate their style choice, the clients also opted for an alternative slat size from our lifestyle range. The minimalist 114mm louvre. The largest slat size we offer truly allows for the most amount of natural light to pass through when they are open meaning you can really make the most of those glorious days when the sun is out.

The colour finish chosen by the client was Pearl as it suited the rooms golden glow of the room perfectly and as one of the neutral finishes on our list. It tends to suit most interior design schemes. It especially looks incredible in this bay window.

The next option for the client to choose was the shutters material and after a discussion with our surveyor they settled on the most cost-effective option – Craftwood MDF shutters. This a fantastic option for the living room as it is subject to a lot of natural light and with its UV inhibitor, it prevents the wood from losing its great colour. The coating also prevents moisture absorption and like all of our shutter materials, its resistant to chipping, warping and twisting. All of this makes our shutters the perfect long lasting option for you windows.

Being a leader in the UK shutter industry, We have a highly trained and expert in house team are able to provide the necessary instance from the beginning to any after care enquiries. Give our friendly team a call on 0208 871 9222 or email us your enquiries.