This lovely Richmond home has been elevated to a new level with the addition of interior Shutters. Different features have been utilised in the variety of styles and designs chosen to enhance desired benefits pairing functionality with the décor of the each of the rooms.

Situated a short walk from Richmond park, many homes in this area and in wider London feature shutters as a high-quality window dressing solution as they look fantastic from both within and also from the exterior of properties as well as offering an array of benefits.

All of the shutters for this home have been made in our most popular ‘Hardwood’ material. Hardwood is a fantastic choice for most windows as it is a great middle ground between our entry level Craftwood MDF and luxury Pearlwood material. The lightweight nature of the wood allows for more options in panel configuration as well as many clients favouring them for the associated luxury of full wooden products in rooms.

These loft converted bedrooms feature our classic 64mm slat with a central tilt rod which embodies the traditional shutter look. The creamy silk white colour used is a customer favourite as it makes for a stunning pairing to coloured walls whilst still ensuring a warmth of tone on and around the window.

Full height shutters tend to be the most favoured on bedroom windows as the full covering of the window enhances room darkening where required, something that light sleepers greatly appreciate. Opening versatility of the shutters can be utilised by fully opening panels to allow plenty of light through into the room, or by tilting slats at an angle which lets light shine through but still ensures that lovely furniture additions such as the desk and chair here can be enjoyed in privacy.

Café style shutters are ideally suited to kitchens where full coverage of a window isn’t often necessary and plenty of light shining through is desirable so they privacy is enhanced in the room as well as truly adding to the décor.

Inspired by these beautiful shutters? You can transform your home with some custom-made shutters, simply get in touch with the team on 020 8871 9222 to book in for a site survey or submit sizes to our Online Quote Calculator to get and idea of costs.