Here at Plantation Shutters, we have some very exciting news. Drum roll, please… We have just taken on our first Franchise!

After 35 years of trading, it feels like this was long overdue. It has seemed like a natural step to pass on and support other areas of the UK by sharing our experience and knowledge with them and allowing us to effectively service clients in these areas where shutters are not so well known or easily accessed.

It is at this point that we welcome introduce to you, Andrew Colvin our first-ever franchisee, now known as Plantation Shutters South East. Andrew who has worked with several shutter companies over the last 20 years seemed the ideal candidate. Andrew is very personable, honest and most importantly a shutter expert.


Andrew has been measuring and fitting shutters for 20 years, he is very detailed, and is a true craftsman. His first-hand knowledge of the industry allows him to both measures and fit the shutters with the utmost finesse.  By combining Andrew’s skills with our experience in management systems we can offer him solid office support so he can do what he does best. We believe this will make for a dynamic and highly successful relationship.


Andrew who lives in Surrey will service mainly Kent, Sussex and Surrey. We see absolutely no reason why Andrew shouldn’t become the “go-to” Plantation Shutters expert within these areas which should benefit all those clients who are fortunate enough to meet him.

Naturally, whatever Andrew does reflect on us, I am sure you will find him as professional as we do and that his past experience will be a true testament to the future.