White shutters have always ruled the roost in interior shutter colour finishes ever since solid wood shutters were overtaken by the louvred alternative we know and love today. But, as modern interior preferences evolve, and colour pallets in contemporary interiors edge into different neutral ranges moving away from white tones, we have started to see any increase in the use of grey shutters.

It’s not difficult to understand why white has been the favoured colour choice for so long. There are so many options available, and with subtle differences between each of the white tones, a shade can be easily selected to match the window and its surrounds. By choosing white finishes, shutters are matched to any colour scheme chosen for the room both in its current decor as well as future changes, allowing the room design to be changed with confidence that most choices will match the shutters.

White shutters have also continued to be a desirable choice for the look they provide from the outside of a property. ‘Curb appeal’ as it is otherwise known, is achieved because the consistency of matching window colours creates a smart visual appearance from outside of the home, as well as inside.

So if white shutters are so popular and appealing for many, why the sudden increase in popularity of grey shutters?

It’s no secret that interior trends regularly shift, and over the last few years major changes to these choices have predictably taken place. We currently find ourselves in a phase where grey shutters tie in particularly well with the block deep colours and industrial style lighting that are some of the favourites in these 2021 interior highlights.

Even prior to their increase in popularity, grey colour choices have always been a wonderful way to add a neutral tone onto the window whilst still giving an additional depth of colour to the space so it’s not necessarily surprising that this has caught on as a crowd pleaser.

Though perhaps not to the same degree as white, grey tones can suit a variety of wall and furniture colour options so choosing a shade of grey will still allow for re-decoration of the room in almost any colour you like. These contributing factors have really placed grey shutters in the hearts of many.

We have multiple options of grey in our colour ranges to choose from ranging from light to dark options so there are plenty of options both in these standard finishes or by colour matching to any grey paint of choice with our custom colour service. So, if grey has won you over for your fabulous new shutters, you won’t be short on choice.

Just as grey tones have been on the rise, black shutters have also been increasing in popularity recently to match the increasingly common choice to paint woodwork and windows in dark or black colours to bring out an interesting addition to rooms. This stunning addition with the right eye will likely continue to rise in popularity too in the coming years, though will unlikely edge up in the popularity scale the way that white and grey shutters have.

Overall, despite the significant increase in the use of grey shutters, and this popularity is certainly not looking to slow anytime soon, white shutters are still undoubtedly the most sought-after choice. Perhaps 2022 will be grey’s year, but for now, white tones are still holding first place.

If you would like to explore all of the different colour finishes available for your shutters, you can visit our Colour Options page. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom or arrange for a full consultation appointment with one of our expert surveyors who will bring all of the choices to your home. Our team are available on 020 8871 9222 to answer any queries you may have.