The kitchen is central in any home, a hub for all to come together to eat, drink, and socialise. This space is especially prevalent in family homes as an area to catch up on your day and link up as the dinner is being cooked.

As such an essential part of the home, kitchens have a unique design focus – a light and airy space with as much light as possible coming through is often the preference. As in other rooms throughout the home, shutters make a perfect window dressing solution thanks to all the great benefits on offer. Here are some kitchen shutters our team have recently fitted that show the amazing impact that this luxury window dressing can have.

In this modern kitchen space, grey wooden shutters have been added to tie in beautifully with the interiors and add an extra dimension to the design of the room. The painted grey shutter finish ties in wonderfully with the chosen colour scheme for the space and adds a great completing feature to the window. The choice of a tilt rod combined with a 64mm slat adds a classic touch to the shutter look and keeps a traditional element in an otherwise very contemporary space.

You could be easily convinced that these shutters have always been a part of this beautiful kitchen as they fit in so well with the overall structure. The Silk White colour maintains the clean yet warm look throughout the room and ensures that the shutters blend seamlessly into the space giving a blended effect. White hinges have been selected to match

The Craftwood MDF material chosen here is our entry level product and wonderfully combines luxury and cost efficiency in the shutter. 76mm slats allow for a perfect division of slats either side of the divider rail in panels. Choosing this style of shutter allows an additional versatility of slat control as top and bottom slat sections can be opened separately from each other.

The client has made a fabulous choice here to opt for without a tilt rod to keep panels looking smart and not too busy which can occasionally be a risk when features such as divider rails are included in panels.

Made in our luxury Pearlwood material, these full height shutters are the perfect dressing for this small kitchen window and ideally suit the cottage core feel that has been chosen for the design of this beautiful country home.

Extending the full height of the window, the homeowner has chosen to have multiple panels in the space for the benefit of a greater number of panels as opposed to less panels in a larger size. Aesthetically, multiple panels work well with the smaller window as well as having the tilt rods to control the 76mm slats.

These shutters have been manufactured in our Hardwood material which is a brilliant entry level to the stunning wood finishes which are on offer. Beautiful painted wooden panels combine with an MDF fixing frame to make these shutters look, and feel, great.

The 89mm selected size sees less slats allocated throughout the two tiers of panels in the tier-on-tier shutters which allows more light through the room when slats are manoeuvred open with the tilt rod. This can offset the double mid-rails that this style requires. The Silk white colour is a perfect match to the surrounds and gives a simple base for any additional colours to be added if desired, allowing a blank canvas for design.

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