Our fitting experts spend their busy days installing stunning custom made shutters to transform windows in London and the surrounding areas and we have recently had the pleasure of working on some beautiful living room windows.

Living rooms are the central hub of most homes as a place for the whole family to sit back and relax. As this room is often located on the ground floor in multi-storey properties, shutters make a fantastic addition by adding a luxury look on the windows as well as offering a range of benefits including privacy, light, and temperature control. Noise levels can also be reduced from outside noise by having an extra covering in front of the window.

Here are some examples of fabulous shutters our experts recently installed.

A wide feature window such as this adds a fantastic amount of light into rooms making the space appear open and brighter for use. This is where shutters really come into their own as adding curtains or blinds would block the window entirely loosing the character added to the room.

Shutters enhance privacy levels which are successfully controlled using tilt variations. This is achieved using either a tilt rod stapled to the front of slats or by manoeuvring slats in unison by tilting one single slat thanks to an inbuilt hidden mechanism. This variation of use in panels and slats is not available in other window dressings.

These shutters have been made in our Hardwood material which is a fantastic mix of the entry level Craftwood MDF fixing frame and high grade all wood panels. The 76mm slat size is the middle of our size range and works fantastically as a modern shutter profile plenty of light to shine through the room when opened. Panels pictured above show our full height style where slats extend the whole height of the panel with no visible or hidden breaks in slat control. A central tilt rod sits at the front of panels and can be lifted up and down to control the slats.

The above shutters have also been made in our Hardwood material with 76mm slats. Panels have an inbuilt hidden break so top and bottom slat sections can be controlled independently from each other adding an additional dimension of control to the panels and giving further variation of use to the shutters and light control.

The stark white tone of the Pure White shutters pairs fantastically to the simple yet comfortable finish that has been achieved in the room décor. Shutters fit seamlessly within the architecture of the room and most notably the beaming in front of the window where they  neatly tuck behind as they have always been built into the window area. A simple clean look is achieved by the shutters which is further enhanced by the choice to select a hidden tilt mechanism whereby an internal cog mechanism is used to control the slats. 

This large living room bay window is a staple feature in this West London home. It truly lights up the room with natural light with its lovely curved shape which gives further geometrical dimensions to the room and makes it feel more open that if it was a standard box shape. This different spacing also opens up more possibility for furniture choices in the room.

Made in our Craftwood MDF material, this set of shutters combine a robust finish with a cheaper price making them heavier in weight on the window. The shutters extend the full height of the window with a divider rail which matches the break in the window and ensures a cohesive finish on the overall look of the window. White hinges and fittings match the Pure White painted finish on the shutter and give a clean finish to match the windows and framing. 

This larger set of shutters cover the patio doors showing how shutters are suitable for any chosen space can be made in various sizes including larger windows or door spaces. As a divider rail has been included for structural support which is a common requirement for tall panels. Having a divider rail also offers an additional dimension of use to the shutters as top and bottom slat sections can be controlled separately from one another. A creamier painted finish has been chosen for these shutters in the Silk White paint which has a warm depth running through and makes for a stunning overall tone. 


If you’re looking to boost your own living room with shutters then we are here to help. You can Contact Us on 02088719222, get an idea of material costs using our Online Quote Calculator or get inspired by other living room shutters in our Gallery