Shutters have long been a timeless addition to any home no matter the desired finish because as a made to measure product you can tailor the finish to suit any design aesthetic that you are looking to achieve.

In our many years of transforming window areas with shutters, we have found that experts within the interior design industry have increasingly favoured this brilliant dressing solution to other classic choices such as curtains or blinds. The designers that we worked with for this job have an specialist eye for transforming spaces into rooms filled with character and a perfect embodiment of their clients tastes.

The desire for shutters is not just due to their association to true luxury. The long-lasting quality of this fantastic product also draws a focus thanks to an increasingly prevalent preference of both designers and clients to interiors with a longevity of interiors furniture which is beneficial in both cost and environmental impacts of shutters.   

Choosing wooden shutters for your home will give you a fantastically long-lasting solution to your window dressings and are a great choice for temperature control in rooms.

Modern aesthetics

Many of the features of this home have been selected in a modern contemporary style. Neutral and monochromatic colour schemes are the focus of the pallet in this room and allow each individual piece to really stand out amongst the room when it catches the eye.

This home embodies true modern aesthetics in its overall finish and allows for a consistent feel throughout each of the rooms and gives a great transition from room to room.  

Geometric quality

Use of shape has been used throughout this room to create a stylish dimension of design and is combined with neutral and monochromatic colour pallets including the grey shutters creating a perfect finish to the overall room. These neutral pallets have really continued to grow into popularity recently as they are a great way to keep a smart and calming presence throughout the room with the option for colour to be injected in other areas to break through this pallet if preferred.   

By selecting Taupe Grey as the colour for these shutters, a fantastic balance of the shutter tone and the surrounding walls with furniture pieces has been established to allow for a stunning and innovative approach to home design. Taupe grey and general grey tones for shutters have become increasingly popular over previous years rather than white finishes as this becomes an increasingly popular option for interior design and a great way to add neutral tones into the home but without defaulting to plain white finishes.

This colour allows for the shutters to have a timeless ‘match factor’ ability as grey can be easily matched to most colours so when changing colours in the property, the shutters will do not need to be the main focus of any colour choices throughout the room. 

Our luxury all wood Pearlwood material is the perfect choice for such a beautifully finished home with high quality choices consistently making up this living space. All of our materials have a wonderful complete look, but the Pearlwood gives a beautiful individual finish of a wooden grain finish combined with the grey tone of the warm Taupe Grey colour.  

Stunning extras throughout the home including a collection of unique and interesting vases boost the carefully chosen interiors of this home to a new level and give a complete look to each of the rooms in the home.

Central Tilt Rod

All of the shutters in this property have central tilt rods as a standard used to operate the slats within the panels. Tilt rods are a classic design for shutters and were always traditionally used for the operation of the slats before the introduction of silent tilt mechanisms built within the panel. In this window setting, these tilt rods add a depth of shape and intelligently break up the shape of the window area.

If you would like to add modern shutters to your windows as the final flourish to a transformation project then Plantation Shutters are the experts on hand to help. Contact us at your preference through one of our many methods including calling our friendly team on 020 8871 9222. We can’t wait to hear from you soon.