Our team recently had an amazing opportunity to work on a spectacular space in central London neighbourhood, none other than the Kennington Water Tower.  The Victorian conversion was featured on Grand Designs 100th episode.

Kennington, possibly one of London’s best kept secrets, a diverse area close in proximity to the heart of central London is quickly becoming a housing investment hot spot. A largely untapped area with good public transport connections and great value for money is prompting many original neo-Georgian and Victorian properties to be revamped into luxury flats. Primarily a residential haven, there is still plenty of cultures to be found from restaurants, bars to the famous Beefeater Gin distillery, Cinema Museum,  and the Imperial War Museum. 

Understanding our client’s needs is one of the most important parts of our jobs, so we can appropriately advise based on their requirements. For our clients of Kennington Tower, adding privacy for their newly refurbished property was the main priority. Our clients found that there were a high number of tourists in the area visiting the nearby Cinema museum. The museum houses the exhibition on Charlie Chaplin, who also coincidentally grew up locally, creating a strong need for added privacy. In conjunction, the increasing amount of high rise buildings being built in the vicinity prompted the need to retain their own secluded space without prying eyes is an issue.

Moreover, the clients also really liked the clean shutter aesthetics compared to fabric solutions. Due to the make and stature of the windows, shutters were not possible everywhere but were fitted where suitable. Our team fitted four rooms including the dining area, living room, shower room and toilet. Our clients were recommended to go with the Modern lifestyle range. This range provides bigger louvres, which delivers a minimalistic, clean finish that ties into the contemporary feel of the property. Additionally, using the larger slats means the view isn’t overly obstructed, whilst not compromising their privacy. This is an important feature given that the water tower provides some stunning views of the city.  

Full height shutters, which cover the entire height of the window, were the ideal solution for optimal privacy. The shutter material used was Pearlwood; this provided the customers with a wide range of styles to choose from. This finish offers a wide variety of colours of which clients opted for bright white, which looks stunning and complements their modern home.

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