One of the first fittings of this year has been this enormous project we took on just outside Leatherhead, in Surrey, in a constantly expanding family home with our shutters accounting for over 25 windows!!

In this vast and neatly enclosed home just off a winding country road our team has been very busy at work, installing our stunning made to measure interior shutters, making a huge difference to each room.

With our shutters being installed in over 25 windows of a mass variety of rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, this stunning kitchen, dining rooms, a cinema room, hallways and various dressing rooms, they all come with their individual requirements from privacy to light control. Either way, our expert team knew exactly what they were doing and made sure that our clients were happy with the result.

With the home-sharing the same warm interior scheme throughout each room, it made sense for the client to maintain a utilitarian scheme as well. So, with that, they went for Full Height panels throughout to maintain optimal privacy in each room as well as successfully allowing for total light control where it’s needed, such as the cinema room as well as the many bedrooms all over the home.

Another great example of this choice working in another part of the home is in an ensuite bathroom on the ground floor with three windows of around the same size that looks onto their busy courtyard. Full Height being the perfect choice as it allows for access to natural light but complete privacy when it’s needed too.

With this style of panel, they also decided on a hidden tilt rod mechanism and no mid-rails which really allowed for an uncomplicated look all over which worked as none of the windows were so large that there would be any structural complications with this choice.

With their style of shutters chosen the client then wanted a high-quality material for them to arrive in so they opted for our extremely lightweight material Silkwood, again for the entire house. What makes the material so outstanding is that it’s made up of a mixture of MDF frames and ABS louvres that allows for the lighter weight while never compromising on the integrity of the panels, just like all of the other materials we have on offer, Silkwood’s make up means that it resists chipping, warping, fading and cracking over time.  

And speaking of structural decisions, the client also opted for the In Vogue range for the louvres which best allows for versatility of access to natural light in a room and indefinitely shutting it out when our client would need it. Like that cinema room for the perfect experience  

As we mentioned before the client wanted to maintain the same colour scheme throughout the home to allow for a seamless finish. So, they opted for the same colour, Ivory Lace which works perfectly in each room against the balanced tones. Such as the darker walls in one bathroom alongside that stunning backlit mirror. That degree of juxtaposing schemes can be seen throughout the home. They also opted for Pearl fittings on all the panels which work perfectly with the calming Ivory Lace.

And with all the choices locked in, the order was sent off to our manufacturers in the Far East and a few short weeks later, the client’s made to measure interior shutters arrived at our home in Battersea and our fantastic in-house measuring team carted off across the river to our client’s home and had them installed in no time.

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course are very stylish! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.