As we’ve always jumped up to shout, Plantations Shutters has a massive variety of styles, shapes and sizes available and one of our latest fittings highlights that perfectly.

Just around the corner from the forever busy Clapham Old Town and the High Street are a series of very stylish, modern apartments. One of their residents happened to have a rare configuration of windows in their living room that overlooks their car park. A porthole window, standard window and doors that lead to a balcony.

So, with this, we had different shapes that needed different solutions. With these all taking up one wall, the client’s home had serious overbearing natural light which causes problems for privacy more than anything else. And with that, we knew we could help.

As I just mentioned, we have a series of different shapes and styles available for our clients to choose from because we understand that everyone’s home is different and as a made to measure product, interior window shutters are the perfect option for tricky windows such as these.

Once our client had decided that shutters were the best option for their issue, one of our highly experienced surveyors visited the apartment and they discussed options. When it comes to porthole windows, our Special Shape style is the only choice available and in a Full Height configuration to take up the entire frame leaving no gaps to spoil the light control. And with this room, there was a desire for privacy more than anything. So, with that need, the client opted for Full Height for the standard window and the door to the balcony as well to allow for the most private style possible.

 With the standard window and the door, we often suggest to our clients that they may desire a mid-rail to split up the appearance of the frame as an aesthetic optic as well as a dependable choice for the frames structural integrity. And our client opted for this when it came to their selection and it looks amazing, far better than without as it would otherwise have a minimal look, which our client didn’t want in their design.

This requirement of structural support works alongside the material that our client chose as with the MDF material, the weight of the frame increases so anything that can be done to maintain structural integrity is paramount, especially with larger frames. And as our most cost-effective material available, it’s a great choice for those who have large frames to fill. And while the price is lower than our alternate materials, as is the same with all the materials that we offer in our range, MDF is a very durable product that is resistant to chipping, fading, warping and cracking, making our shutters an integral part of your home when we install them.

Alternatively, for the porthole window, our client opted for the Pearlwood material which is best for the shape of the window to best guarantee stability as a specially shaped frame.

An extra attempt to save costs, alongside the material that our client went for, they also chose a central tilt rod in their selection process instead of our hidden mechanism. Which, while saving costs, gives the shutters a very traditional look in such a modern space.

That style choice being emphasised with a slat size of 76mm being chosen, a style we call ‘In Vogue’ as it’s the very fashionable slat size which is great for larger frames and to have this size, and a tilt rod, chosen for each of the window frames looks great as a unified front in the image above.

With these style options picked out by the client, the last decision that had to be made was colour. As the room’s colour scheme is predominantly bright, with the lightly stained wood flooring, white skirting boards and white frames of the windows with cool grey wall colour and black furniture, our client chose the always popular Pure White colour with White fittings to solidify the traditional look of plantation shutters as a stunning final touch for the room.

 Finally, once our client had made all their personal choices and their specifications were sent off to our manufacturers in the Far East. To be carefully made to measure the very specific measurements we take for all our clients and deliver to us, a couple of short months later, the final dazzling product. They were then driven, with care by our expert in-house fitters, through the serene Clapham Common and to our client’s home where they were installed quickly and professionally, there to be used immediately.

How do you like our client’s final product? Would you have chosen these designs? Let us know with a comment below. Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course style! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.