At Plantation Shutters we always love a fresh, challenging project to help another company with in this very busy industry of ours, and this home in Chiswick was no exception. The wonderful people at Distinction Group needed our help with three windows in a house just across the Thames from the stunning Kew Gardens and just down the road from the beautiful Gunnersbury Park.

We were asked to install window shutters for two bedroom windows and the living room in this West London home and as you can see from the listed picture and the result was perfection.

One of our highly experienced surveyors went out to meet an individual from The Distinction Group at the property and they both had a discussion about how best we could satisfy the needs that their client had expressed for their windows once measurements for the windows had been taken

All three of the windows that we fitted our shutters on, face the street and, very much like a wide set of our past clients, a reason behind their desire for shutters is a need for privacy. And with our shutters this was absolutely no problem for us. However, on top of this need to put off nosey onlookers, Distinction Group’s client also wanted a flexible way of having access to natural light so our surveyor suggested that a Tier on Tier option of shutter style would be best. This is due to the fact that, while the panels cover the entire window frame, they are separated half way up the window meaning that they can be opened independently from each other. This means that you can keep the bottom half of the window covered, which helps maintain privacy, while at the same time have to top half opened up so that there’s still access to sunlight.

On top of the benefits that come with this choice of shutter style, the entire selection of shutter styles that we offer provides flexibility for the user with access to natural light as well as a higher perceived level of security and property value.

After the shutter style had been selected, next came the decision for the material, colour, louvre size and hinge choice.

The client and Distinction Group now had to choose the material for the shutters. When working with interior designers, we are always aware that the required budget for their job is discussed and agreed between them and their client, so with that the client decided to opt for the budget flexible material of Craftwood MDF which is just as durable and pristine as any other shutter material available.

With the living room having a very bright colour scheme of creams and whites with interjections of colour like the blue sofa, rug and that Dirty Dancing print on the wall, a neutral colour selection was the safest choice to make. So with that Distinction Group informed us that the client wanted Pearl White which is a very popular colour with our clients and one that was perfect for the room.

Once their client had opted for Pearl White as a colour for their shutters, we then suggested that they opt for the Pearl hinges as well, seeing as to match the colours is a popular method taken for this decision as it adds a level of uniformity to the design.

The last decision to be made was the choice of slat size. As the windows were of an average size, the client felt that it was a safer choice to go for the Classic size which is 64mm. This smaller louver gives you a classic shutter finish. More louvers per panel mean marginally less light than larger slats when open, but add a very pleasing ambience in most rooms, and a great choice to make for the windows in this house.

And with that, the choices had been made and the designs were sent off to the manufacturer and they started the process of making the designs a reality and not long later we installed them in this great little house and Distinction Group were happy with us because their client was happy with the shutters. And this is just another example of the outstanding work that Plantation Shutters carries out with many professional traders around London and beyond.

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course stylish! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.