We love to hear from our old friends that we’ve worked within the industry. And the lovely people of Joseph Homes got in touch with stunning professional pictures of a fitting we did in the fashionable area of South Kensington in a pair of beautiful mews houses a short stroll from the Victoria Albert and the Natural History Museum.

As both windows are on the ground floor and there is no pavement to break up the street from the windows, the only shutter style that the client could choose is Full Height to ensure their client’s privacy in both homes as this means the entire window space is covered.

As the windows in both properties are very large, our surveyor suggested a mid-rail to split up the appearance of the frame, to avoid the space looking utilitarian. Judging from the pictures here, you can see that having one was the right choice.

With these decisions made the client now had to choose the slat size that they wanted and this, as do all the other decisions is down to the tastes and style of the client in question. Again, due to the size of the windows themselves the client wouldn’t want a size too small as they’d risk over occupying the frames which most of our clients don’t enjoy with larger windows and for opposing reasons, our clients rarely choose the largest louvre sizes in our range for this size.

So with that, the client opted for the fashionable In Vogue size of 76mm which looked like the perfect compromise for the room, again helped by the mid-rail. With a hidden tilt rod option chosen, the client gave them that bit more of a minimal appearance that a lot of our clients like.

A large part of ensuring a successful interior design project is carried out for their client, like many other firms, Joseph Homes looked for the best quality additions to the home while making sure those decisions were as cost-effective as possible. So when it came to the material that Joseph Homes wanted for their client, MDF was a perfect choice as it’s the most cost-effective option that we offer. And with this material, like all of the materials we have on offer, MDF is resistant to chipping, warping, fading and cracking which makes it a very durable product.

With all of the physical options taken care of, now all that was left to choose was the colour option. And with the cool white walls that make up the interior and the bare brick mixed with grey making up the exterior and various calm blues and greys that were added to the interior design of the houses, Silk White with White fittings was a perfect option for each of the homes.

Full Height Shutters in the Living Room

Photos by Joesph Homes

With these choices agreed with their client, our contact at Joseph Homes confirmed the order with our sales team and we sent the specifications off to our manufacture. Who, a few short weeks later, sent the made to measure interior shutters, by special air freight delivery to our offices. Then our expert team of in-house fitters travelled over the river to the client’s mews houses and installed them with no hassle. Ready to be enjoyed by their client once the homes were complete. We especially enjoyed working alongside Joseph Homes and were very glad to hear that their clients were very happy with our work too.

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