Just around the corner from Golders Hill Park and Zoo is the new apartment block, home to our newest client Richard. Richards home has beautiful Scandinavian inspired interiors with views of the private park behind the building and large doors in the living room brightening up the home all day long.

Apartment living in London is very common and a great way to make any place feel like your own is to add your own personal touch to it. This is just what Richard did in his apartments living room in Golders Green with our plantation shutters. He was the first in his apartment block to get shutters and we are sure the trend soon will catch on and everyone will want them, but for now Richards home is a one of a kind stylish home in his area.

Seeing as the doors to the deck outside are so large it often made the apartment feel like a fishbowl making it easy for people in the opposite apartments to peer in. Richard didn’t feel as though he had enough privacy he wanted. When it came to be deciding what window coverings to get choosing shutters on a tracking system was an easy choice. This was because he can slide the panels completely open for an indoor-outdoor flow and then when he wants to have a bit more privacy but not darken the room completely, he can close the panels and open the louvres. So, there is no compromise when it comes to choosing light and airflow over privacy and that was important for Richard, especially during summer when the room gets warm from the sunshine.


Richard’s shutters are made from Hardwood which is one of our best-valued products with the louvres made from solid wood and the frames made from MDF, so he gets the best of best worlds of top-quality wood and a beautiful finish. Richard then opted for the In Vogue 76mm slat size which as the name suggests is a slat size that is on-trend while still allowing the light to stream through brightening up the room. Finally, he chose our Pure White paint finish with white hinges so that it would melt into the space matching the colours of the wall seamlessly completing the whole look of the room.

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