Shutters are well known for being a brilliant window dressing option for windows, but it can often be forgotten that shutters are also an excellent choice for doors too.

Just like having all of the great benefits of louvred shutters on your windows is hugely desirable for both light and privacy enhancing benefits in the home, door areas, particularly patio or balcony doors, can also benefit from all of these.

So, on day 22 of our shutter advent calendar lets delve into shutters for doors as well as shutters as doors.

Shutters as doors

For those who are closely following our shutter advent calendar, you might remember us talking about shutters as doors on day 19 for our tracked shutter instalment. There are a few ways that shutters can be used as doors;

Wardrobe doors

Adding a tracked shutter to a wardrobe area or a cupboard entrance to be transformed into a walk-in wardrobe is a great alternative to standard doors. Choosing half and half options between louvred at the top of the panel and solid at the bottom will give the option for better ventilation of the space and allow clothes in the wardrobe to breathe more.

Second inner door

It is a less common choice, but we have had some clients utilise shutters to add an inner door to their home just inside the front door. Adding a full height solid shutter into the hallway can be a great way to improve home insultation and privacy.

Room partition

Another useful way to utilise shutters as doors is to use a track to create a room partition across an open plan communal space. This can be handy if you need to split the space for anything from making a dedicated work/ homework space to reducing the space in a dining or living space to achieve a cosier feel.


Shutters for doors

Many people reside themselves to having doors in their home such as French or balcony doors either undressed or stuck with common window dressings such as blinds or curtains with oversight that shutters may actually be the ideal addition. These door spaces can benefit from the same great features that shutters provide to windows including increased privacy and light control in the space with a smart stylish design and without having to forgo one for the other (as is often the case with other all open or all closed options).

Fixing options for shutters for doors vary. The shutters can be fitted directly onto the door itself with the optional extra to cut out handles so that there is no restriction of handle usage. Alternatively, the shutters can be built out from the door or fitted onto the architrave area if there is enough room in this door surround.

If your door is calling out for some shutters than plantation shutters are more than happy to assist in transforming this important feature of your rooms. You can visit our Door Shutters and Gallery pages to get inspiration for your new additions or contact the team on 020 8871 9222 and we will be more than happy to assist in any way we can.