It is a design feature that many don’t believe they have a strong opinion on until they need to make a decision for their brand-new shutters – to tilt rod or not to tilt rod. As a relatively new design option, without a tilt rod has more hidden features than it seems in its overall look and the clean and modern design finish that it offers to shutters  has seen it take over from the classic centred tilt rod design.

Complex manufacturing techniques allow slats to successfully operate within panels without a tilt rod as they need to be locked into an internal ‘bike chain-like’ mechanism. This mechanism ensures that when one a single slat attached to the mechanism is manoeuvred, all the others tilt with it in sync.


When without a tilt rod has been chosen, slats are not limited to a single section. Through the use of a divider rail or hidden break which you can read about on days 16 and 20. Splitting the panel into multiple sections means that a greater versatility of light and privacy control in the room is possible as the tilt direction of each can be different if desired.   


Clients opting for our Aluminium security shutters will find that without a tilt rod comes as a standard for them as this design feature is part of what makes them secure. When panels are locked, slats are also locked into their current tilt by freezing the cog mechanism into place.



Is there a difference in price between having a divider rail and not?

Yes, without a tilt rod is more expensive per square metre as harder to make. Price driven clients may decide to opt for the classic tilt rod choice to save on costs but generally people think it is worth it.

Is it easier to use shutters without a tilt rod?

It is somewhat self-explanatory how to use without a tilt rod mechanisms so their ease of use is certainly on par with shutters that do feature a tilt rod. Without a tilt rod designs are a little more robust for family homes or rental properties as tilt rods are attached with specialised staples so whilst exceptionally well built, they are a little more likely to be yanked or damaged when not used with care.

Is there a way for me to see a full sized example of a shutter without a tilt rod?

Of course! When our surveyors undertake their comprehensive measure appointment you will have the opportunity to compare sample panels both with and without a tilt rod. However if you would like to see full sized examples then you can check out our Gallery or make an appointment to visit our showroom and we would love to show you around.

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