For day 4 of the shutter advent, we introduce hinges into our list of terms.

Hinges may seem like a small detail that don’t have much impact on shutters, but these important bits of hardware not only form the support of the shutter fixing to the frame, but they can also help shape the overall design of the shutter.

All of the hinges we use on our shutters are butt hinges. Whether panels are directly attached to the shutter framing or two panels are fixed to each other for bi-folding configurations, these high-quality fixtures ensure that the expertly crafted shutter panels are securely hung for as long as the shutters last (which can be upwards of 20 years).

When it comes to choosing hinges, clients tend to take one of two approaches; colour matching to the shutter panel colour or opting for a metallic choice to bring out an authentic and chic addition.

If matching the colour is preferred, then the best way to achieve an exact match is to select one of the standard paint finishes in our range as hinges are made match these colours precisely. If going for a stain or custom colour, then a selection will need to be made to best match.

The other possibility for shutters and a choice that is opted for by many people is to go for a metallic hinge choice. This is an ideal way to give the shutters a layered style pallet using the metallic materials to elevate the design. Opting for this method is a great choice for custom colours, stains and non-standard colours to achieve a stunning contrast rather than attempting a colour match.



There are 11 standard hinges in our range which are included in the cost of the shutters. For those looking for an extra injection of luxury, we also offer two non-standard options of stainless steel and brushed nickel at an additional cost. Clients considering our waterproof material shutters for their home that like the non-standard choices will be in luck as stainless steel hinges are always used with the additional charge wavered to ensure that every part of the shutter is moisture resistant.

To see all of the hinge options and other design features available for your shutters book in for a full survey or pay us a visit in our showroom. We’d love to show you around!