For day twelve, we delve into an important feature of the shutter panels – slat sizes. 

Our standard range of slat sizes features 3 different options, 64mm, 76mm and 89mm. We also offer alternative sizes of 47mm and 118mm but these are very rarely chosen as they are only suitable for exceptionally large or small windows. 

Standard Options 

Classic range (64mm) 

Classic (64mm)

The Classic range is just that. Classic. A popular choice, this smaller louver gives you a classic shutter finish. More louvers per panel mean marginally less light than larger slats when open, but add a very pleasing ambience in most rooms. Often these can work better with a slightly smaller panel.

In Vogue range (76mm)

In Vogue (76mm)

As the name suggests the In Vogue slat is bang on trend. The newest addition to the slat family it bridges the gap between the Classic and Modern louvers. This slat is the middle man, best of both worlds, if you will. Less slats per panel mean more light and a trendier simpler finish while managing to keep a cosier feel.

Modern Range (89mm)

Modern (89mm)

If you are looking for a stylish, current look the Modern slat is for you. Large louvers that offer a minimalistic, fresh finish. When open, light pours in through and when looking out it provides a relatively uncluttered view. Modest and up to date, the Modern louver is for those looking for clean lines and an unpretentious finish.

The popularity of the different slat sizes is equal as the best choice for clients varies. To explore the best slat size for you, we recommend calling into our showroom, booking in for a full measure appointment or giving the team a call on 020 8871 9222 to discuss.