With less than a week to go until Christmas, for day 19 of our shutter advent calendar we explore one of the more complicated qualities that can be included in shutter designs – track systems.

Though not used in most shutters, track systems are an important feature when required and open up more versatility in what is available to shutter panel configurations.

Track systems are generally used for large wide windows, where more than the recommended number of panels are required to cover the window. They are ideal for patio or French doors as they give good support to the panels, without the need for a bottom frame. There are two types of track system available:


Multiple panels on the track can be bi-folded back to either or both sides at a 90° angle to the track.


Panels can be slid one behind another to either or both sides.

Tracks aren’t just brilliant for large spaces where big or numerous panels need support, using track systems also makes it possible to make shutters into doors or room partitions. This is a great option for wardrobe doors or large open plan spaces which you may occasionally wish to separate without creating a permanent structure in place.

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