When you head down the tree-lined street just down from Brook Farm in East Barnet you will find our recent client’s beautiful home. After months of renovations, this home has truly transformed into something special. As you walk up the driveway towards the front door and enter the home you are greeted with such warmth, enticing you to continue in and never leave.

Sejal and his family decided it was time to give their home a makeover and turn it into a place that reflects them and their style. We believe they did that wonderfully. One of the final steps to completing their dream home was what window covering to grace their windows with and after much deliberation shutters were the obvious solution. Offering privacy to the home without losing the natural light from the sun warming up it up and keeping it bright. It doesn’t hurt that they look super stylish also.

The rooms that got the pleasure of being fitted with our shutters were the master bedroom, dressing room, front bedroom, their son’s bedroom and study, the living room and cloakroom. They decided that full height shutters were the perfect option to provide some discretion and privacy into the rooms from the street without having to compromise on anything. They got the best of both worlds. The full height shutters cover the whole window while still allowing the maximum amount of sunlight streaming through the louvers brightening up the space.

Sejal’s shutters are made from Pearlwood which is one of our premium hardwoods that is intensively hand sanded and coated with fine layers of paint for a brilliant finish. Sejal then opted for the In Vogue 76mm slat size which as the name suggests is a slat size that is on-trend while still allowing the light to stream through brightening up the room. Finally, he chose our Pure White paint finish with white hinges so that it would melt into the space matching the colours of the wall seamlessly completing the whole look of the room.

Join our clients and put your windows on the best-dressed list and Plantation Shutters are the perfect choice for just that. They are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and perfectly adaptable for your family requirements. Have a browse through our shutter styles and lifestyle gallery. Keep an eye on our amazing product range and get in touch today with our friendly team by email or call us 020 8871 9222.