For this week’s fitting, our boys found themselves in one of the most expensive areas to live in all of London, Kensington. So expensive in fact that we weren’t far from what used to be one of the most expensive streets in London. The South Kensington area is a favourite of ours here are Plantation Shutters for the Natural Science Museum and the amazing V & A Museum as well as the string of beautiful homes scattered throughout the area.

So naturally, when a resident here had an interior designer transforming their home, only the best shutters would do for their windows and this stunning conservatory. And that’s where the guys at Elephant Road Studios got in touch with us we sent them one of our highly experienced surveyors to take a look and see what we could do for them.

This conservatory is right by a lavish living room with an extra set of doors to the left that heads to the garden and with a space as large as this, their client wanted Full Height shutter panels here, something that has become more and more popular with our clients recently.  

As we mentioned, the living room was perfectly constructed by designers which, of course, meant that a huge amount of detailing went into it. With this, their client wanted the colour of the shutters to synchronise with the room flawlessly. This lead to a custom colour match for the shutter’s colour. The colour in question was the stone-grey colour known as Ammonite, an incredibly popular colour in London’s interior design circles, something that we noticed on our visit to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre last year and, as they predicted then, it looks stunning.

Along with the colour selection, their client was after a premium hardwood for the material. With the rustic look of our Pearlwood shutter material, it was the perfect choice as our very lightweight hardwood material. Both the colour and the material looked stunning together alongside the wicker furniture (and adorable mascot).

Full Height Shutters in the Living Room and Conservatory

For the conservatory, as there are doors leading outside, the design of the panels had to vary to ensure that the weight of the panels would be supported properly and for a long time. The client made it clear that they didn’t a want an over-complicated and bulked look to go with the Modern sized slats that they had picked out. So, with that, we suggested a low down mid rail that acts as a secondary plinth for the doors and then hidden breaks in the slats that help hold the middle of the frame in place. It also has a secondary bonus of allowing flexibility in their use.

The client also wanted the exact same specs for a door that stands next to the conservatory that also leads to their garden as well as a window behind a desk in their home office that was causing issues for their privacy and they wanted an option to control the rooms natural light along with an option that was space-saving. Any other option would have left the room feeling really cramped.

With their intricate decisions locked in, Elephant Road Studio’s client was after a very fast installation, so they wanted their specially made to measure interior shutters flown over from our manufacturers, thus shortening the lead time. They arrived, all neatly wrapped, at our home in Battersea and in-house fitters jetted over the river and to the client’s home where they installed the shutters in next to no time. Elephant Road Studios let us know that their client was ecstatic with the result and we’re pretty proud too. Our plantation shutters are now a part of the foundations of yet another home in one of the most exclusive addresses in all of London.

What do you think of their conservatory now? How do you like their colour choice? Get in touch and as always Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course are very stylish! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.