We love working in wonderful Barnes properties and this lovely community and their fabulous homes are right around the corner from our Battersea home. This particular client has chosen to enhance their bedroom and living room windows with the benefits and great aestheitcs of shutters and here are some of the stunning choices they have made. 

Pearlwood shutters truly embody luxury and give a beautiful furniture finish to any window they are installed on. This full wood product has been selected as the material of choice for this clients living room windows tying in fantastically with the surrounds and most notably the beautiful woodwork around other areas of the room. 

64mm slats are a classic choice for living rooms and are particularly favoured in café style shutters. Larger slat sizes are often only selected to allow more light shine into a room when slats are open, so when the whole top of the window is exposed as is the case for café style shutters, a great deal of light still shines through.

Pure white finishes and fixings allow the shutters to fit in seamlessly with the window area giving the look of the shutters being a standard part of the home fixings. Without a tilt rod has been selected for the preferred slat control (a hidden mechanism is built into the panel as an alternative) giving a clear look to the overall shutter and ensuring that slats are still comfortably manoeuvred by simply pushing a single slat within the panel section.


In the bedroom, an alternative material and style has been selected to the living room.

With so many design choices on offer, it is very common for homeowners to select a variety of options in different rooms throughout their home to tailor what is best suited for each window space. Our Craftwood MDF material has been chosen for these bedroom windows in a painted Pure White finish to match the living room window colour but with a slightly different coated finish as the coated MDF has more of a sheen to it. All design features other than style and material have been matched for the two sets of shutters which allows for a cohesive look in the room interiors as well as from an exterior view.

Where café style shutters were chosen for the living room, the bedroom shutters have been made in a Tier on Tier style which allows top and bottom panels to open separately from one another. Tier on tier works well in bedrooms where homeowners prefer to allow light into the room by opening top panels whilst keeping bottom panels closed so that privacy can be maintained in the room.

With an impressive 5-year warranty covering all of the shutters, these stunning additions to the bedroom and living room are sure to last and make the homeowner wonder how they ever lived without them. You can transfer your own windows with plantation shutters and enjoy all of the benefits they have to offer. To enquire today, simply give us a call on 020 8871 9222.