We have the pleasure of installing shutters to windows in many homes London and the surrounding areas. Coming across many different styles of property means that we also see a variety of window shapes and sizes that are designed to utilise the space in homes.

Velux windows are a relatively modern style of window as loft conversions into bedrooms, office spaces or other rooms have increased in popularity. As these windows have become more regular, the desire to have shutters installed to them has increased too.

What is a Velux window?

A Velux window is a roof window that opens outwards and sits into a slanted roof to provide light and air in a room making the area more suitable for use. This is appealing in a loft that has been converted into a bedroom for example. The addition of light will allow homeowners to utilise as much light as possible in the room during the day and can make the space feel brighter and bigger.

Why shutters are ideal for Velux windows?

For a long time, the only window dressing that was available for Velux windows was blinds. Velux blinds offer a smart design aesthetic but are restrictive in their use in the room as they are limited in their usage with a very simple open or closed operation.

Installing shutters to Velux windows has opened up a long list of benefits including temperature control and privacy in rooms without sacrificing style if the loft conversion is overlooked. The thick built layer added to the window can also have sound reducing benefits.

Brightness levels can controlled by manoeuvring slat tilts to varying angles which is ideal when the sun is high. These sky-viewing windows may be most exposed to sunlight so being able to control these light levels will be ideal throughout the day. Shutters are also brilliant at controlling the heat in a room. On hot summer days slats can be closed to avoid overheating or if looking trap as much heat as possible then open slats during the day will allow the sunlight to get through. Closing the slats in the evening will keep the heat trapped in the room and the shutter layer will reduce heat loss from the window.

We often recommend one of our smaller or mid-range slat sizes to be installed on the windows as the Velux panels will be particularly small so a large slat size will result in very few in the panel. However, as with all design features of shutters, it is very much down to personal choice

How Velux shutters work 

The obvious question that might spring to mind for Velux shutters is how do panels stay closed? Magnets for panels are exceptionally effective for keeping standard panels closed, however when gravity takes effect on roof shutters then a little more reinforcement is required to stop the panels falling open. A sliding bolt lock secures the panel into the frame so you can be confident that your Velux shutter will comfortably stay in place in its overhead placement. All of our shutters are strong built in the highest quality materials so you can be confident that your shutters will be there for you for many years to come with their unparalleled longevity.

Velux shutters can be installed with or without a tilt rod depending on design preferences. If the Velux is too high to reach for tilt control of the slats, then a telescopic pole is great way to extend your reach to control the slats easily. Telescopic poles are a popular choice for particularly large windows where bottom slats can easily be operated but the higher slat sections are harder to reach and also these higher windows. Use of the pole will help to open up each of these different sections so that all slats in the panel are adjusted to the same preferred tilt.

If you have some stunning Velux windows in your home that you would like to add shutters to then Plantation Shutters are the experts to offer them to you. We turn 40 this year – that’s 40 years of offering premium quality shutters to our clients making us one of the most experienced shutter companies in the UK. Customer experience is central to everything we do at Plantation Shutters and one of the most important considerations for the team on every single order. So, if you want to work with an independent company who put their customers at the heart of everything they do then our friendly team can’t wait to hear from you today.