Interior shutters truly have the ability to transform a room, making a particularly popular choice for bedrooms and nurseries and this recent project is a fantastic example of that. We fitted shutters in this lovely South London property in multiple rooms including fresh bedroom spaces to boost the windows to a new level and allow access to the numerous benefits that shutters offer.  

All of the selected shutters extend the full height of the window. There are three variations of full height shutters available in our shutter styles; with a divider rail, without a divider rail or with a hidden break where and invisible split in the shutter panel allows top and bottom slats to move independently from one another. These shutters have been manufactured in the hidden break option allowing for different movements of the slats within the panel.  

The material of choice for these shutters is Craftwood MDF which has been selected for its great pairing of cost efficiency with a brilliantly robust nature making this one of our most popular materials. In a Pure White painted finish, this shutter colour is also a particularly popular choice thanks to the brilliant stark white it offers to the window area.

For the slats sitting within shutter panels, 76mm is the mid-size of our standard range and has been selected for these windows. In choosing this mid-size, a modern look is achieved. This is particularly the case where no tilt rod is featured as a sleeker overall look is achieved with a hidden tilt mechanism which is built into the side of the shutter panel.

Hidden from sight behind the shutter panel when ascended is an integrated room darkening blind, an additional extra favoured by some of our customers. Room darkening blinds are built into the shutter framing behind the slats and are utilised by homeowners who are looking to enhance the darkening effect of the shutters in their rooms. There are a couple of reasons that room darkening blinds may be considered for shutters, but they are only really needed for particularly light sleepers or for unfortunate streetlamp or similar lighting placement outside of windows as shutters generally offer a sufficient level of darkness to a room and are conducive to a good nights’ sleep.

The operation of darkening blinds is quite simple. They are controlled by operating a pull cord which raises and lowers the blind as required. Shutters still offer all the same fantastic benefits when an integrated room darkening blind is featured including variation of privacy within the room, the addition of the blind just gives the extra feature.

To ensure the greatest level of structural support has been achieved, T-posts are located behind the shutter framing giving support to the panels on this wide window. Details such as these make for a sturdier finish to the shutter and are what sets the craftmanship of our shutters apart from other manufacturing methods. This confidence in both the quality of the shutters and our workmanship is why we are able to offer our impressive 5-year warranty so all shutters are covered to give you piece of mind!

 If you are looking to install some of your own shutters to transform your windows to a new level then we are the team to help you! Simply get in touch by email or phone to book in for a measure appointment or get a cost today.