Many of those in the interior design business will tell you that the smallest of additions to a room can be the difference between a magnificent room and a mediocre one. And in one of our latest fittings just off the regal Regent’s Park, our shutters confirmed this belief along with the work of the very lovely people at JG Interiors.

This area of London is surrounded by hallmarks of the capital city such as the vibrant Camden Markets, the stunning wildlife that occupy London Zoo and a proud home of English sport, Lords Cricket Ground. These all make this home, just north of Regent’s Park, part of an area in high demand right now.

And with a home as incredible as this, it demands the proper care. And JG Interiors were on hand to make the house a home for their clients. Yet their clients had found a situation, they were after a window dressing option for a very troublesome pair of windows that flank a bed in this beautiful bedroom. With these tiny triangular windows being directly at head height, they were bound to present a problem in the morning when the sun shines through.

Within that space above the head of the bed, the space is too small a gap to have anything other than shutters as they would have looked overbearing in that space and an unnecessary addition to the cleaning costs of the house. With that in mind, our plantation shutters were the perfect, compact option that JG Interior’s clients were looking for. So we were contacted and one of our highly experienced surveyors was sent out to the property to have a look, measure the window and then provide their expert opinion of what kind of shutters the clients should have.

As the window has a triangular shape, there was only one option of shutter style to be chosen and of course that was this incredibly snug special shape that, as a made to measure product, fitted with absolute precision within the frame. And as it did fit so effectively, the amount of space saved is outstanding.

Special Shaped Shutters in the Bedroom

With the style having been selected, next came the choice of slat size and with the frame being as small as it is, the Louvre size couldn’t be too big as if would have looked overbearing. There wouldn’t be a guarantee that the slats would have operated as they should if they were too big for the frame. To have the slat size too small as well would have meant the panels would have been over occupied and wouldn’t present a pleasing aesthetic for the home owners. So the client opted for the classic and very popular 64mm slat size that as you can see, works perfectly. And having the small central tilt rod means that they can be operated with immense ease.


As you can see from the shape of the frame, the wood product chosen for this tight space would have to be as versatile as possible and have the strength to match. So Pearlwood was the best option, with its multitude of colour options from a custom colour match to a traditional stained look available. This material also has one of the highest strength to weight ratios in the range of shutter materials we have on offer. Meaning that for a roof space like in this bedroom, it’s the perfect option.

Now that all the essential physical options had been discussed and selected, now was the time for a dash of colour and with that the client decided to have the colour of the panels conform to the decoration of the room. Looking at the final result, we completely agree as the room presents a warm, inviting feeling for whoever will be staying there, and to over complicate the colour scheme of a room, completely changes the nature of the space. So Pure White was a great choice and with the Brushed Nickel fittings, it adds a very rustic and traditional feel to the room.

And so with that they ordered their pair of beautiful shutters and within a few weeks our great team of kind, professional fitters went back over to that house to install them and the people at JG Interiors and their clients were delighted.

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any home and any space as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and are of course stylish! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.