Just off Eel Brook Common in the fashionable west end of London, we recently fitted some stunning, colour personalised, made to measure shutters in this Fulham bathroom as well as throughout this beautifully decorated house very close to Stamford Bridge Stadium, home to Chelsea Football Club.

An incredible part of the service that we offer at Plantation Shutters is a full commitment to the stylistic desires of our many clients. That comes in the form of the many physical options that are available to choose when purchasing our shutters such as the style, material and of course colour.

Our client for this project was after shutters that would fit well with the colour schemes that they had previously chosen for their home. So when our highly experienced surveyor went to their home to talk through the options, it became clear that a custom colour match was the way to go for them. I think we can all agree that these shutters in this bathroom are particularly stunning.

But before we get ahead of ourselves we should talk through the physical points that came before this decision. For this bathroom, our client wanted a window covering option that would help maintain their privacy in such an intimate room in the house. But at the same time, they wanted to have as much access to natural light as possible as the colour that the client chose for the walls faced dark and light colours off against each other. If the natural light was cut off from the room then it may risk over darkening the room. So with that our surveyor suggested Café Style as a good compromise. It was a perfect substitute for curtains as it is a wet room, especially since the bath is so close to the window. And the panels are at the perfect height allowing for much-needed privacy and to let just the right amount of natural light to flood the room. And with the latch on the window being at the top of the panels, adds extra flexibility for our client’s use.

As the client’s main desire for the panels was that they come in a custom colour, the Pearlwood shutter material was a good option for them. This is because it is one of the shutter materials that we offer a custom colour match with. Every single material that we have on offer is resistant to fading, chipping, warping and cracking making our shutters a very durable product that’s great for every room.

Our client then opted for the Classic Size louvres, at 64mm, that really help occupy the panels meaning an extra amount of privacy is given to the clients and, whether or not the slats are open, the client still gets their natural light while safeguarded against on looking neighbours. And with a hidden tilt rod, there is an extra element of minimalist style to the panels that otherwise may have been spoiled.

Now, with the colour, as we’ve said, the client was very determined on a custom colour match for their shutters throughout the house and chose this stunning green for the bathroom called Downpipe to match the walls. Then Ammonite for the other shutters throughout the house, which is a cool white with a slightly darker tone to match the walls throughout their home. These decisions to match the colour of each of the panels to the walls in each of the rooms turned out incredibly well and gave the house a uniformed look that the client was very happy with.

Though, to finish off the design of each of the shutters, the client opted for Nickel Plated fittings and a Plain Stile to give the panels a smooth finish as a small touch, made the panels not look too conformist to their colour.

And with our client’s decisions all locked in, we sent off the specifications to our manufacturers in China and sooner than later, our clients’ made to measure shutters arrived and our outstanding fitting team travelled just across the Thames and installed our clients a beautiful new set of shutters.

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course style! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.