Across various locations and property styles, our experts have the pleasure of installing shutters to some truly stunning homes. You will likely have seen our fleet of vans and minis during your travels around the London area – we’re hard to miss!

Newly renovated, this contemporary Kensington apartment is a wonderful example of the lovely properties that we measure and fit shutters to as stunning a finishing touch. On this particular project we were tasked to transform the windows in a modern bathroom and ensuite area finished in a timeless décor so the spaces will continue to be suitably luxurious for years to come.

There is no set formula for the best order of how to choose various design features of shutters as it is often dependent on where design priorities lie. Some clients begin their design choices with the shutter style, others material, and some focus on colour as the driving feature which will inform which direction they go on the material of their shutters. Here we delve into the various design features that have been chosen for these shutters.

The large shutters installed in the main bathroom have been manufactured in our waterproof material. Opting for all waterproof finishes ensures that the bathroom windows are water resistant down to the stainless-steel hinges. It is always recommended that shutters that may be exposed to water are manufactured in the waterproof finish non-waterproof shutter materials can become damaged or bloated if exposed to high levels of moisture.


The shutters cover the entirety of windows in a full height style with the addition of a divider rail on the larger bathroom windows. This solid divider rail separates the panel to give a clear divide of slat sections which provides a greater versatility of use as top and bottom sections can be operated separately. Bottom slats in the panel can be closed for privacy from any external view whilst still allowing natural light to shine through top panels so the space is kept bright. The smaller windows have a straight full height style as due to their size a straight block of slats looks best aesthetically. 

76mm slats, the middle of our standard slat size range, has been chosen and looks wonderful on the shutter panels. The 76mm size slats give a brilliant distribution, a ‘best of both worlds’ option, and look fantastic on panels when the windows are this height. 

Centred tilt rods inject a classicality to the shutter design, pairing wonderfully with the overall aesthetic looking to be achieved. The windows behind have numerous divides so having a tilt rod placed on the front helps to create a better match to this window design. 

Silk white has been chosen as the colour of the shutters and is one of our most popular options thanks to the gentle warmth running through it which pairs fantastically to the multi-tonal chic finish that is seen throughout the space.


Let’s talk shutters…

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with this amazing window dressing option because interior window shutters are totally unique in their aesthetic and the functional benefits of installing them to windows.

The abundance of design possibilities this top-quality product has to offer means that there is an ideal shutter for every individual and every home to transform windows into a wonderful design focus of the room. Once in place, you’ll wonder what you ever did without the shutters in your home.

Custom shutters truly are the best possible dressing for your windows. When investing into the most luxurious window dressing possible, you also want to know you’re investing in the very best company to offer it to you. Plantation Shutters are the longest established shutter company in London with an all in house team of experts. You know you’re in safe hands with professionals who are truly invested in the best possible finish for your shutters at a brilliant price. With our fabulous 5 year warranty, you can be confident that both your fabulous shutters and our workmanship will be guaranteed to stay in wonderful condition throughout this time period and beyond. Once a plantation shutters company, we are here to assist with anything you need for life, so once your shutters have been installed, we are on hand to help.

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