Very much at the forefront of our customers mind is looking to match their fabulous shutters with the surrounds of the window and the décor of the room. This stunning West London property perfectly exemplifies how matching in this tasteful and neutral way can ensure long lasting luxury style in a room and really tie together the interiors.

As we look through the carefully chosen features of these shutters, the fantastic combination of classic characteristics and intelligent design matching has allowed these stylish shutters to combine a stunning look with all the practical benefits offered by interior window shutters.

A large majority of our customers choose to opt for without a tilt rod as it adds a modern touch and simplicity to the shutters which is especially preferable to avoid a busy look when there are numerous panels on the window. This modern tilt option has been combined with a classic 64mm slat offering more slats per panel. Slat numbers can be minimised by opting for a larger slat size but for a design such as this, the style and practical benefits of more slats per panel works wonderfully.

The Hardwood material used here is a great wooden product that offers all of the fantastic benefits of a wooden shutter whilst keeping costs down. For larger panels such as those on the side windows of this bay window, wooden shutters are a fantastic choice both due to their light weight and stunning finish.

A fantastic symmetry has been achieved in the panel configuration of these shutters, with 2 panels on the side windows opening left and right and 4 central bi-folding panels. More panels in the larger central window is a popular choice in 3 window bays to offer bi-fold versaility, however matching this on the side panels can look a little busy for many customers preference, so pairing this with fewer panels on the sides tends to be the norm. At your home measure appointment, your expert surveyor can advise you as to the most suitable configuration choice based on the size of window but will always do so with your design preferences in mind. As your shutters are custom-made for you and your home, the final design always comes down to you.

The silk white colour of these shutters is one of our most popular standard colours, which as the name suggests is a silky toned white finish that matches many window surrounds and looks wonderful against whatever colour you choose to paint the rest of the room – what’s not to love? With white hinges to match, the shutter frame and fixings all fantastically blend together.

As shutters are such a long-lasting product you will likely paint or change the design of your living space numerous times in their lifetime so knowing your shutters will consistently look great is a comfort for any frequent or in-frequent decorators.

For these cafe style shutters, the homeowner has opted for a hidden break which allows the top and bottom slats to move independently whilst still looking like one combined unit when slats are closed. Shutters are versatile by nature but this has added even further option for use which we just love. We’re sure that you will agree that these shutters are certainly a crowd pleaser!

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