We recently fitted some of our shutters in a very stylish home just off Balham and very near the huge and beautiful Brockwell Park in South West London. You can tell that they were the perfect window dressing option for this bright and colourful living room.

When the client called us up and spoke to our wonderful sales team about their living room, the team knew for sure that shutters were the best option for them. So we organised to have one of our highly experienced surveyors to go out and meet them at their home so they could have a chat about the client’s options.

Though the living room was actually one of four rooms that this client required shutters for, it is easily the most stunning room in the house with that huge bay window that takes up most of the room. However, having such a large window at ground level and looking out onto the street means that this living room is vulnerable to nosey onlookers from the pavement outside. So the client really needed to be able to maintain their privacy, meaning the shape of the shutters was essential.

While the client wanted a heightened sense of security, they also wanted as much flexibility with their shutters as possible and that includes their access to natural light. So with that, the surveyor informed our client that the most popular shutter style that offers this kind of flexibility is the Tier on Tier style as they operate independently in two halves of the individual window frames. For instance, this means that the slats on the bottom half of the frame can remain shut while the top half can have the panels open. This allows for privacy from onlookers while allowing natural light to flood the room. And then for a near blackout experience the client can have the panels and the shutters closed.

After that the client made the choice of having the In Vogue size of 76mm for the slats in the frames of their shutters. As the name suggests, In Vogue as a louvre size is the fashionable choice of slat size, chosen for its minimalist but not utilitarian appearance that gives the panels a stunning finish. With smaller sizes, there are more slats within each frame that often overpopulates the window and can block sunlight even when the slats are open. The opposite is the case if there are too fewer slats within the frame that occurs with the larger slat sizes that we offer. And as there is a lot of window space to be filled, the In Vogue slat size is an excellent compromise.

With the shutter style and slat size being chosen it was at that point where our surveyor talked through the variety of materials we offer for the client to choose from. The client chose Pearlwood because the wood of the Pearlwood shutters is derived from the Paulownia tree. It is a very light hardwood which is intensively hand sanded and coated with fine layers of stain or paint for a brilliant lustrous finish. This option comes in a cross section of colours as well as different stained colour options that clients like to select if they are looking for a more natural wooden look for their shutters.

And when it came to the colour the client wanted for their shutters, they selected Pure White which, as was the case with the slat size, an excellent compromise for the room. This is due to the additional colours that make up the colour scheme for this beautifully designed space. Filled with the warm wooden finishes colouring the floor and cabinets, the grey of the floor to ceiling curtains, alongside loud blues and oranges that gives the room that noticeable personality.

And with that, the design was ready to be sent off to our manufacturers in China and later we installed. These incredible made to measure shutters added the final touch to this stunning living room to make it feel secure as well as stylish.

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course stylish! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.