It isn’t often that we travel outside of the London area to measure and fit shutters, but we are always happy to head out of our usual stomping ground for stunning projects such as this one. Talented interior designers are visionaries and turn rooms into something truly wonderful in every inch of the space.

Our team visited this property on two occasions to fit shutters on multiple windows. On the most recent installation we fitted shutters to three beautifully designed children’s bedrooms and added a top tier to café style shutters already in place.

Shutters are a great choice for children’s rooms because of their long list of benefits and timeless nature.

Other traditional window dressings such as curtains and blinds often need changing alongside the room decoration, or any changes have to be based around the curtains or blinds already in place. With shutters however, instead of swapping out the window dressing every few years to match any changes to the walls, you will instead have a consistent match to the window surrounds. This means that when your little ones outgrow the current décor, the window dressing doesn’t need to change. Installing shutters is also hugely desirable because of benefits on offer.

Shutters can achieve varying levels of light control from slats and insulating benefits which are in place thanks to the extra layer in front of the window. Temperature control is especially important in children’s rooms because young sleepers can be more sensitive to temperature variations. Panels and slats are adjusted to manage temperatures so windows can be opened with panels closed to create a breeze in warmer months or slats and panels can be closed together to maintain warmth in the room.

All of the shutters in the property have been made in our full wood Pearlwood material which is one of our most luxurious wooden shutter options. Lightweight in nature with a beautiful grain finish, Pearlwood combines the sturdiness of a well manufactured shutter with the luxury of a full wood material so the furniture finish will be long lasting and beautiful. Both panels and framing are made in top quality timbers which allows an abundance of colouring options and panel designs.

64mm slats are combines with a central tilt rod making for a lovely distribution with classic finishes on the shutter. Custom colour matching has been selected for the colour finish of the shutters, with Farrow and Ball ‘Wevet’ being matched for all of the shutters installed. A white overall finish with slight grey undertones makes for an ideal match in the grey carpeted room but is still a beautiful match for the window area.

Nickel-plated hinges look fantastic with the colour choice, and gives an antique and rustic overall look. Some of the panels in these shutter are supported by T-Posts which allow larger panels to be well supported when opened.

There are plenty of ways to start your shutter journey with Plantation Shutters. For material costs only you can use our online quote calculator to submit rough measurements of your windows. However, the quickest and most recommended way to get in touch is to chat to our team directly as we will be able advise on the material costs, service costs and give advice on the best design options depending on the finish you are looking to achieve with your shutters.

We can’t wait to hear from you soon!