Amongst the labyrinth of greens and a stones, or genuine cricket ball, throw from the Oval, one of England’s formidable cricketing arenas, is this beautiful home in one of London’s most underrated areas. In turn, the arena for our latest project.

This time around, more rarely than is typical, we set out to fit shutters for two living rooms within the same property. It drew us in as a stellar example of the different uses for this very important space. One side is a lavish calming space complete with a beautiful corner sofa, standing centre stage surrounded by furnishings that offset the whites of the walls. A space to sit back, relax and lose yourself. With our Full Height shutters, our client can now do that in total privacy. 

While the opposite can be said for its counter-part, the alternate sitting room has an entirely different purpose. Looking at the loud and proud colour of the sitting chair and the stunning piano with the brilliantly white walls. This space is clearly meant for the comfortable yet formal enjoyment of a piano.

What these two different rooms do for each other is very clear, but the same result came when the homeowner was in search of shutters. The shutters themselves operate in the same bracket for each room and shows off how their timeless nature suits a plethora of styles and more importantly the purpose of any room at home.

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course are very stylish! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.