It’s no secret that here at Plantation Shutters we believe that shutters are the very best window dressing available for you and your home, and the fabulous clients who we work with to transform their windows agree. With so much on offer from your shutters and a guaranteed long lasting finish on your windows, it’s no wonder that more and more people choose to make this transformation. 

Shaped windows always make an interesting feature in homes, adding an abstract element to the decor and enhancing the amount of light coming through which can make the room seem bigger and space well utilised. However, homeowners are often met with the difficulty when dressing these windows without covering up the unique shape of the window and can risk loosing its feature in the room… that’s where shutters come to the resuce.

All shutters are custom made for the window which they are built for, no matter the shape or size. So, not only do the shutters mimic the shape behind to mainitain the window aesthetic, but all of the great benefits offered by shutters are also enjoyed including increased privacy without sacrificing varying light control in the rooms. 

Pictured above, both sets of these full height shutters have been made in our Pure White colour with matching fixings to allow for a stunning bright tone that compliments the window and surrounds – a wonderful match within the room. For the large triangular window, our luxury Pearlwood material has been selected as the recommended option for the large shaped panels allowing for seamless operation and a beautiful grain finish on the all wood panels and framing.

The bedroom bay window shutters have been manufactured in Craftwood MDF. Despite being slightly heavier in weight, custom posts are in place for support and to ensure a seamless transition from panel to panel and within the angle avoiding a disjointed join between each panel section. 


There are two options for the finished look within the room when it comes to shutters; fit seamlessly within the space as though the property had been built with them in place, or make a statement with the shutters using contrasting colours to the room decor.

The latter is certainly what these clients have opted for with their shutters. Working with similar pallets, dark coloured shutters have been matched with walls that feature a selection of orange and tan tones. Though similar in imagery, the three separated windows sitting flat are in fact custom colour matched to Farrow & Ball Hague Blue, utilising the opportunity to match shutter colours to any alternative brand of choice using an electronic laser eye. The separated bay window has been matched to Farrow & Ball Off Black using the same method. 

Different styles and slat sizes have been chosen on these windows which effects the number of slats within the shutters. The Hague Blue shutters have been made in a full height style with a 64mm slat, offering a full covering for the window and allowing for complete levels of privacy and room darkening where desired. The Off Black shutters however have been made in our cafe style which is often a popular option for living room shutters. This half height coverage allows light to come through the room whilst maintaining privacy levels from the outside and, in this instance, the homeowner has opted to keep their curtains in place so where a full coverage is desired, the curtains can be used to achieve this. Slats here are 76mm. 

In this stylish bathroom, shutters have been added as the final touch to really take this room to a new level. With roman blinds that can be pulled down over the top, the client has chosen here to install café style shutters so that privacy can be achieved in the room whilst still allowing an abundance of light to shine through into the room as with the black living room shutters above. Another custom colour, the beautiful depth of colour seen in these shutters is ‘slate’ from paint and paper library finished off with brushed nickel hinges in our all wood Pearlwood material. Just beautiful!

As is often the case with contemporary style shutters, all of the projects we have selected for their window transformations have an inbuilt mechanism within the panel for slat tilt control. We find this is the favoured alternative the traditional tilt rod placed on the front of the panel… great shutter benefits with a wonderful modern finish, what’s not to love! 

If you feel inspired to transform your own windows to stunning new heights with shutters like these clients have, then simply get in touch with our friendly team on 020 8871 9222 and book in for a measure appointment today.