We very recently ventured just up the road to Wandsworth Common to kit out an entire house with shutters. Over 11 different windows in different styles, colours and specifications. It’s an incredible example of the variety of services we offer at Plantation Shutters. And our client was so happy with the final result that they sent over some especially taken pictures so that we can shout from the rooftops how happy they are with the final result. Don’t you agree?

We have always said that different windows demand different things and so do the people that live with them. Whether that’s choosing a design because of the overbearing sunlight or a case of desired privacy from nosey onlookers, we have the solution to all of it.

And the client understood all of this after organising for one of our highly experienced surveyors to visit their home and come up with a plan for all of these windows.

Starting with the living room, as you can see, this bay window is very tall for the room and it was clear that our client was having issues with onlookers from the street as well as the exposure to sunlight. This, while being a good thing to have in the home, can be unwanted at times. So our client was looking for a flexible option meaning they could have the best of both worlds. And with that our surveyor suggested Tier on Tier as a shutter-style because of it manoeuvrability which lets the user keep different sections of the space open thus cutting off the light or letting it shine through in whichever way is preferred. And as it was throughout the house, the client opted for the 89mm slat size that we call ‘Modern’ which is a fantastic choice for large windows as they occupy the space well without looking like a grill which most of our clients feels looks unattractive with larger spaces.

With those 89mm slats on the 16 panels that take up the space on the bay window, especially in the Tier on Tier style on such a large window, the space is already filled substantially. So then our surveyor suggested having a hidden tilt rod which gave the appearance more of a minimalist look that is very popular amongst our clients. With this as well, throughout the house, the panels that were installed differed in size so the appearance had to be catered to suit the client. With this, as a way to break up the appearance of the larger panels, a mid-rail was installed, acting for aesthetics as well as a method of dividing the weight that the panels undertake making it more stable.

Every one of the other windows where we fitted shutters in this lovely home was Full Height yet with other differences that separated them from each other as per what the room itself would be used for or the interior design scheme for the room. For instance the shutters that we fitted in the bathroom frames were Pure White in their colour because of the shade of blue on the walls that wouldn’t have matched well with the Sea Mist colour option chosen for the rest of the house which looks stunning as a compromise that works around the alternate shades of white, stained colours and the Colour Match service that we offer alongside the staple 28 colour options in our selection. The Sea Mist colour is a warm grey that, while being a rare option amongst our clients, fitted in seamlessly with the décor of the rest of the rooms and you can see that from the pictures.

Full Height Shutters in the Bathroom

One of the rooms where we installed shutters was a TV room and a lot of our clients look for a black out option when it comes to deciding on a window dressing option for these kinds of spaces. But while window shutters are a great option for reducing the amount of light that comes in, they don’t completely block the sun from entering a room and that’s why we offer room darkening options which will offer a near black out effect and for that reason our client ordered straight away and haven’t looked back since.

Every room was fitted with the Silkwood material which is well-known for its smooth finish and wide window coverage. Silkwood material uses an MDF shutter and fixing frame, additionally with painted ABS louvres. The lightness of this material means that Silkwood is ideal for wider windows, eliminating risk of warping, twisting, cracking or fading over time. All of the materials in our range offer this, making our window shutters one of, if not the most dependable window dressing products available today.

Once our client had placed their order with us, after all the possible options had been decided on and all of their needs were met, the specifications for their windows were sent off to our manufacturers in China. Now, all they had to do was wait for their stunning set of interior window shutters to arrive and be installed.

But our client wasn’t quite finished with their order yet. Our client wanted to order, with all the same specifications as all the other Full Height shutters that they had already ordered, shutters for two more bedrooms, of course preferring that they all arrived at the property to be fitted on the same day. So we put through an order for the two bedrooms to be flown by special air freight delivery which, having half of the lead time as our standard delivery. This allowed for all the panels to be installed by our outstanding in-house fitting team. And all at the same time.

What do you think of these? Would you have gone for that colour? That style? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment in the comment section below? Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course style! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.