We recently kitted out a stunning modern flat just around the corner from us in Lambeth and, judging from the final result, we had the perfect product for them.

Our client, for this installation, was looking for a window covering option for three windows in their home; a ground floor bay window in their living room, a kitchen and a bedroom. The apartment building that our clients are in has a large parking area for all of the other residents in their building and is just shy of the pavement of the road that they sit on. So with this, as people come and go from the building they are very close to their windows which leaves concerns for privacy for them.

When the client gave us a call we knew that shutters were the perfects choice for them to help with the potential nosey onlookers from the street and those in the building. We organised with them for a good time to have one of our expert surveyors to visit and help them decide on what style, colours and materials for their shutters would work for them.

With the space between people’s cars and their bay window being very small, our surveyor straight away suggested Full Height for their shutter-style as it will cover the entire frame and therefore allows our client absolute privacy. But along with their need for that privacy, the client also made note that they still wanted access to natural light to brighten up the space. So with that our surveyor suggested have a hidden break or a mid-rail and the client went for the more minimal look with a hidden break that gives them what they wanted without having to sacrifice on the style they wanted. To have no tilt rod was a great decision as well to magnify that minimalist effect.

Once our client had chosen the style they wanted, next was the choice of material for the panels to come in and with their budget, they wanted a wood product but budget-friendly as well. With this need, our surveyor offered them Hardwood as a great alternative. With the louvres themselves being wooden and the frames made from MDF it was a great compromise on style, material and budget as our entry-level wooden product are lighter than the full MDF alternate. And as is with our entire range, this material is resistant to chipping, fading, cracking and warping making it an incredibly durable product that is now a part of the foundation of this home.

Once the material and style had been selected, some more choices had to be made before the order could be sent off to be made. The client chooses the In Vogue slat size of 76mm which is the mid-range slat size we offer and is perfect for the minimalist style they wanted for their rooms. It’s the perfect size as if too small a slat size is chosen then large windows like this bay end up looking like a grill which our clients aren’t a fan of and too large a slat size and they almost become redundant with the people they are keeping their privacy from are so close that they’d almost find it easier to peer inside their home.

With the décor of the room is minimal and bright, it made sense for our client to choose a colour for their shutters that reflects this and with the ceiling lights highlighting them, Silk White was a perfect choice and against the wallpaper, the shelf and the beautiful old school lighting stand. We think it looks amazing. On top of this, to completely let the panels sit in with the décor, the client opted for White Fittings as well.

 With all these choices going into their designs of the two other rooms as well really sent home their desire for every space to be in unison with each other and were fantastic choices for the style of each room as well.

So after these decisions had been locked in, they were sent off to our manufacturers in the Far East and within a couple of months, their made to measure shutters, all with their own specifications arrived at our Battersea showroom and offices, slotted into one of our own vans then delivered and installed especially by our outstanding team of in-house fitters who had them up and looking incredible in next to no time leaving our client very happy.

How do you like our client’s final product? Would you have chosen these designs? Let us know with a comment below. Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course style! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.