We recently visited the heart of the world-famous Notting Hill to help a client with a huge bay window that was causing problems for them and their privacy on a busy street. Especially for when it comes to the massive crowds that attend Notting Hill Carnival every year.

Looking at the stunning final result of this fitting, you can see why our client in this luxurious flat needed our help. They called us up and explained what they were looking for and our sales team were more than happy to explain the options that this client had. Liking what they heard, the client booked a time for one of our expert surveyor to visit their property and take some formal measurements and talk through what the client could choose from our many different styles, colours and additions to their made to measure interior window shutters.

As this is such a large window, the choices were endless for the style of shutter that client could have. But something the client was quite adamant on having was constant access to natural light so with that our surveyor suggested the Café Style design that occupies half of the window frame leaving the top half bare so that there’s plenty of room for natural light to shine through. With the circular shape of the top of the window as well, makes this even more beautiful a design choice.

With bay windows, we often suggest Hardwood as a shutter material as the louvres themselves are made of solid wood while the fixing frames are MDF making it one of our most secure designs, overtaken by our Aluminium Security shutters now. With the louvres being made from solid wood, they feel they have when operated is very popular with our clients and proved to be a success with this client as well. And going for a beaded stile too only heightened their sense of luxury.

Once the style and the material had been selected, the client then moved onto the slat size they wanted and with this bay window being so large, we suggested our very popular size of 76mm which we call In Vogue. It’s a very popular choice because it’s in the middle of the range that we offer in terms of slat size and therefore isn’t going to over occupy the space which happens with our smaller Classic size of 64mm on larger windows. Or the larger size of 89mm we call Modern which for large windows that flood a room with natural light when open does become slightly redundant with respect to privacy as the gaps between the slats is huge. So, In Vogue choice was perfect for this client. And with our patented hidden tilt rod mechanism as well, the finished style wasn’t overly occupied as with four panels making up the frame, tilt rods could have crushed the space slightly.

With these choices made, the last to be made was colour and with the colour scheme of the room being as bright as this, the client opted for the always popular Silk White which looking outstanding with those window frames and coupled with that beautiful lighting fixture acting a hark to modern design inside a space made up of traditional décor. And with white fittings as well, the design of the shutters really melts into the space allowing them to become an integral part of the flat’s foundations.

And with all the choices locked in, the order was sent off to our manufacturers in the Far East and a few short weeks later, the client’s made to measure interior shutters arrived at our home in Battersea and our fantastic in-house measuring team carted off across the rive to our client’s home and had them installed in no time.

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course are very stylish! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.