There is nothing we love more than being welcomed into our customers home and getting to know them and how they style their home with our shutters. Our most recent customer is a furniture maker who also runs her home in South West London as a shoot location, so getting invited into her home was a great privilege.

Our clients interior styling is along the lines of Scandinavian minimalism. She preserved the history of her home with keeping the original floor boards exposed and added the choice of modern furniture as well as the furniture she makes.

Question 1: Describe your interior style?

I feel my interior style is very minimal with soft neutral tones and warm textures whilst maintaining a very homely feel to it. The decision to keep things to a minimum was sparked mostly because I knew we’d like to be here a very long time and I didn’t want to reach a point where we felt we’d outgrown it simply because we’d accumulated so much stuff.

Question 2: What motivated you to choose shutters within your home?

Our house has beautiful tall windows but unfortunately, they look out onto a storage unit. So, we decided that shutters were the perfect choice to let in the lovely light while still being able to block the view!

Tier on Tier – Craftwood – MDF – Classic (64mm)Contemporary – Bright Brass HingesSilk White

Question 3: Your property is beautiful, tell us what differentiates your property from others in this area of London?

Seeing as Victorian terrace houses in London are all much alike, we wanted to create an interior that was a little different and I think the fact that we tend to keep clutter to a minimum means the house feels lighter, brighter and more spacious than it actually is!

Question 4: What’s the best thing about living where you do?

We didn’t know very much about the area before we moved here and we got very lucky indeed. Southfields feels like a little village where you’re likely to bump into neighbours in the local bakery, all while still being so close to central London!

Question 5: What difference (s) have you noticed in your home since shutters have been installed?

Our house is north facing so we get absolutely gorgeous soft light through the front rooms where the shutters are fitted. The shutters diffuse the light beautifully and cast shadows and light spots around the room that change throughout the day.

Question 6: What inspired you to start making your work/furniture?

My favourite subject at school was Design Technology and I did my degree in Furniture & Product Design. I’ve always adored making things from scratch, especially with wood. It gives you creative freedom, but you also have to be very precise and I love the combination of those two disciplines.

Question 7: Where do you get inspiration from?

The pieces I make are designed to work hard to earn their place in a home. They are intended to be used all over the house rather than just for one particular function. I have a Milk Stool that I picked up in an antique store years ago, it’s constantly picked up and moved and used somewhere new. I love this versatility of simple design. My hope is that the pieces I create will become well-loved and well-used workhorses in any home.

If you are interested in finding out more about our client and the products she makes, visit her website or view her Instagram account.

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