We get queries every day asking us whether we go out to North London. The answer is a resounding yes. Shutters are becoming increasingly popular in these trendy northerly parts of London.

Take Islington for example, home to an uber-cool arts scene, a plethora of quirky bars and restaurants and most importantly for us, lots of Georgian terrace houses.

When Big Bean Construction came to us looking for shutters we were more than happy to help. They needed something to complete the interior and finish off the few rooms in the house. An interior that seamlessly married old school class with new-age glamour, shutters seemed like the perfect fit.

In keeping with the style of the rest of the house, they decided on an in vogue (76mm slat) contemporary (without tilt rod) look. Full height with mid-rail shutters throughout allowing for maximum privacy with excellent light control. The Hardwood material finished off with a Silk White paint on the shutters created an inviting and cosy feel while effortlessly oozing a sense of luxury.

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