Over the last decade, the interior shutter market has grown rapidly. At Plantation Shutters, we understand the reasons behind this growth, is down to the simple fact that wooden shutters offer a stylish window dressing but they provide a practical solution to issues such as privacy. In a recent lifestyle fitting, our specialist team assisted one of our customers in Maida Vale to achieve a practical yet stylish look for their property. 

Tucked away in West London and just north of Paddington sits the charming, predominately residential area of Maida Vale.  The area is a prime real-estate postcode, boasting wide tree-lined avenues and a large recreation ground. The greenery offers a wide range of activities such as tennis, hockey, and athletics. Moreover, the area does claim a number of green areas throughout Maida Vale and surrounds.

The area is also well known for its own Little Venice, as you imagine this is named accordingly to the number of canals and waterways running through the area. If you visit the area you will see there is a number of moored boathouses along the waterway, possibly locals and visitors alike strolling the embankments or partaking in a canal ride. The neighbourhood also claims a number of quirky restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Our customer in Maida Vale main concern was finding a window dressing solution for optimal privacy whilst retaining plenty of light for their living area on the ground floor. Our client was recommended café-style shutters, which are ideal for ground-level windows and townhouses as this style leaves the top of the widow un-shuttered, using only shutters for the bottom part. A great benefit of this style is that it maximises light whilst providing privacy.

The material used was hardwood, this wood offers great value for money as it is an entry-level timber. This material retains a fantastic build quality but serves as an excellent alternative to the premium hardwoods. This material option is very popular in residential living areas and commercial areas.

Additionally, the finish chosen was the pure white colour, which combines perfectly with the In Vogue range. This range of louvre, as the name suggests, is a stylish option which still allows adequate light whilst not compromising privacy.

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