Bathrooms are one of our most common rooms to install shutters as we believe they are the most important when it comes to having the proper amount of privacy while still being able to allow natural light in, as well as ventilation. You want your bathroom to be a place where you feel comfortable as well as private while still maintaining the style shown throughout the rest of the home.

Our client from Willow Cashmere chose something a bit more traditional for her bathroom with our solid panel shutters. She chose to have café style to provide sunlight shining into the bathroom from above while still getting the maximum amount of privacy needed. She then chose our premium product of White Teak which has since been replaced by our new material, Ultra.

1. Describe your interior style?

My interiors reflect a mixture of traditional and contemporary. My home also has a selection of muted colours and wooden flooring.

2. What motivated you to choose shutters within your home?

I loved the fact that they provide privacy in my home, especially in my bathroom as it looks out to my neighbour’s homes. I also love the traditional style of them as they match my interior style seamlessly, completing the overall look and feel.

3. Your property is beautiful, tell us what differentiates your property from others in this area of London?

Although it may look boring and similar to the other homes in the street, I feel that we have made it into something special and more interesting on the inside. The fact that we have the freedom to put our own personality into our home makes it something truly special.

4. What’s the best thing about living where you do?

I love the community that Barnes offers as well as the close proximity to the rivers, pubs and cinemas. It’s a great village-like area to live in without being too far away from London central.

5. What difference (s) have you noticed in your home since shutters have been installed?

I love the privacy they provide in my bathroom when needed most. They also add interest to the rooms and are an added feature in themselves. They also provide clean lines and fit in well with the window frames. The fact that they never go out of date is also a bonus meaning I don’t have to change my window coverings as often, if ever.

If you are interested in finding out more about our client and the beautiful cashmere products she sells, visit her website or view her Instagram account.

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