Window shutters have always been a premium option to help with issues involving space at home.  Where curtains would have to be cramped in, shutters take up no space at all. This is something that Plantation Shutters found during a lifestyle fitting in Barnes recently. A family were in need of shutters for two windows in their kitchen.

The two windows are very different in size each and so, when our client met with one of our highly experienced surveyors, they were advised to have two different styles of shutter as they use each window in different ways. As can be seen from the picture, the window above the sink in the main kitchen area is very small and the client still wanted to have access to natural light but still maintain their privacy and therefore, the full height shutters were perfect for this as any other option would have lost out on its effectiveness.

The client then went on to choose tier on tier shutters for the larger of the two windows. As can also be seen from the picture, her choice for shutters was well founded. And with eight panels, the tier on tier choice is one of the most flexible options the client could have chosen with their ease of manoeuvrability which the traditional central tilt rod allows for our client. Shutters are ideal for kitchen windows due to their durability, style and suitability.

With durability in mind, our client chose the Hardwood MDF option for the shutter material. This option means that the louvres are made of solid wood while the surrounding from is made from the more cost effective MDF option. The Hardwood option itself is smoother than the other options giving the shutters a sleeker finish which gives it s a stylish appearance overall.  

The client opted for our Classic 64mm slat size. The small size of means that there are more slats in each individual panel giving it a lovely original appearance. This option is available is all materials so the choice is so much more flexible for our clients..

The colour chosen by the client was ‘Creamy’ which our surveyor agreed was the best option as it suited the colouring scheme of the room and effectively contrasted the grey marble surfaces of the kitchen.

Overall our client was delighted with their shutters and said that the process was handled very smoothly by the staff from our in house team and our surveyor that corresponded with the client.

Being a leader in the UK shutter industry, Plantation Shutters highly trained and expert in house team are able to provide the necessary instance from the beginning to any after care enquiries. Give our friendly team a call or email today.