We recently visited a stylish flat in the Camberwell area to help with a bad case of too much natural light. Most of our clients call us up to help with their windows that look out onto a busy street to solve a privacy issue, this time we were high up in an apartment block that looks down on the busy streets. While having a stunning view from the bedrooms, living room and kitchen areas, this meant that an overbearing amount of natural light was seeping into the rooms and making it difficult for our client to sleep. 

So with this they gave us a call to see if we could help and of course, we certainly could. We understand that apartments can be very small spaces to live. When it comes to window covering options, you want something that is going to save you as much space as possible and interior window shutters are the perfect solution.

For this apartment, our client was looking for a stylish and elegant window covering for large windows in the joint living room, kitchen and dining area along with tow bedrooms and this included hope to solve the problem of large doors in the living room that lead out onto a balcony.

The client explained their situation with those large windows and the mass amount of light shining through that was making life difficult, we gave them a few options and they seemed to like what they heard so they booked one of our very experienced surveyors to drop in and have a look through the apartment and help them further. With development in full flow in the Camberwell, Oval and Brixton area, many of our clients, as fellow members of the industry and the general public, have used us for shutters in these areas as well as the rest of London making new build properties like this are perfect for our services

Full Height Shutters in the Bedroom

When it came to the shutter style, the client wasn’t after a half measure with the amount of the frame that the panels would cover and we understood this as the windows are floor to ceiling. With this we offered Full Height as it would cover the entire frame and act effectively against our client’s lighting situation. Especially with that door, having bi-folding Full Height panels makes a huge difference to a room and great for modern spaces like this. Something we recommend with larger windows such as these is to have a mid rail installed to help support the panels within the frame. Another benefit of having them is to break up their appearance as most of our clients don’t like that overly minimalist look. And just like all of the materials in our range Hardwood is resistant to chipping, fading, warping and cracking making it a highly durable product that will last for years. This makes our shutters a part of the foundation of the properties throughout London where we have fitted.

For the material of these panels, the client opted for the same throughout the property. A major desire of theirs was to go for a material that was cost effective as there were a lot of windows to have them fitted to but at the same time they didn’t want to lose out on quality. This makes their choice of Hardwood as a shutter material all the better, as they are made with solid wood louvres combined with MDF fixing frames that are a very popular option for larger windows throughout the home and all the more popular as it’s lighter in weight than the cheaper MDF Shutters alternative.

With the frames being as large as they are, the choice of slat size was very important. As too small a size would make the panels look like a grate, over-occupying the space and the lighting effect when open isn’t desirable. Too large a size and they almost become redundant when it comes to keeping the light out. So with this, the client opted for the compromise with the In Vogue size of 76mm, our on trend option that keeps things cosy. Having no tilt rod opens the space further while maintaining that modern look that is ever increasing in popularity among our clients

Full Height Shutters in the Kitchen and Dining Room

The spaces within this apartment are made up of blacks, greys, whites and that warm green wall colour in the living room and kitchen, meaning that the colour of the shutters had to be chosen to suit this style. So the client chose one of our most popular choices, Pure White which looks stunning in every one of these rooms. Like us, the client was very happy with them as well with the addition of the White Fittings, it really brings the look together.

How do you like the our client’s final product? Would you have chosen these designs? Let us know with a comment below. Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course style! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.