Here at Plantation Shutters, we service a wide area around greater London. We have had projects stretching from Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hertfordshire and of course Central London. One of our latest projects was in East Horsley located in the beautiful county of Surrey.

East Horsley, located approximately 21 miles south-west of London is a small village with plenty of charm. The village is possibly best known for the grand Horsley towers. This interesting Victorian building was originally the home 1st Earl of Lovelace. Almost 200 years later it operates as a hotel.

Our company has a large database of repeat clients that we have built up over the years that have been gained from our experienced in house team and continually recognising the importance of understanding our clients’ needs. For this latest installation in East Horsley, we had the pleasure of working once again with a customer who has trusted us for the last 6 years. We have worked together on a number of projects and formed a great relationship. They love the clean aesthetics of shutters as a window dressing option and also the effortless functionality they provide.

The shutters were installed in a number of rooms throughout the house; including, the kitchen, gym, master bath and utility room. Upon discussion with our experienced surveyor, the client was recommended to opt for full height shutters, which cover the entire area of the window, ideal for ultimate privacy. The material of the suggestion was hardwood. This material is a versatile and cost-effective wood option, providing an excellent alternative to premium hardwoods. Hardwood provides a clean and minimalist look for your shutters, so integrates well into a large variety of window spaces. 

The clients opted to fit the modern lifestyle range, which provides bigger louvres which tie in nicely to the stylish property. To finish, the colour palette of choice was Silk White, which added a seamless continuity throughout the house.

We also offer a supply option only in case we don’t service your area. Fundamentally, you measure the windows and fit the shutters, all we do is deliver them to your door. To discuss the options for your house, call us on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.