Our Service

We have been in the business for over 40 years and during this time have built up a reputation for excellence and professionalism. We are utterly meticulous about the level of service we offer that genuinely cannot be matched by any of our competitors.

Our expert team of in-house surveyors and fitters as well as the office staff are highly trained and will guarantee to make the measuring and fitting process seamless, professional, and hassle-free, a rarity in this market. Here is what you can expect from us:

Measure and Quote

We have experts with over 20 years of experience who will come to your house and take accurate measurements. Normally, we leave you with a written quote. We would rather give you a quote based on our measurements but alternatively, we can also give you an immediate ballpark quote based on your measurements. You can either call us now on 020 8871 9222 or use our online quote calculator.

“Surveyor was very professional and we felt confident in him and his design compared with other surveyors.”

Expert Advice

Having the most experienced team of surveyors in the UK, we have an abundance of expertise to offer and therefore, our personnel will be able to help you with any technical or design questions that you might have.

“Surveyor was really helpful and very knowledgeable – which ensured we made the right decisions.”

Fitting and Installation

All our installations are done by an outstanding in-house team of fitters led by Phil who’s been with us for 21 years now. They are able to take on any job, big or small, from the standard to the most difficult window shapes and sizes.

“Service from start to finish was very professional and I’m delighted with the shutters.”

Packing and Recycling

Once we finish fitting your shutters, we will take away and recycle all shutter packaging. We have invested in a baling machine to manage our ever-increasing number of empty cardboard boxes responsibly and efficiently.

“Very good job and left site clean and tidy. Would use and recommend again.”

After Care

We don’t expect problems, but we are there for them should you need to call us. By the time your shutters are installed, we will certainly have had a few email and phone call exchanges so you’ll be aware of how easy it is to get hold of us.


As mentioned above, we have been measuring, supplying, and installing shutters in London for over 40 years and that alone tells you something about the quality and standard of our product and service. The good news is that due to the scale of our operation, we normally can compete favourably on like-for-like products. It means that we will endeavour to match any quote you’ve been given for the exact same product. In other words, just because we are the best doesn’t mean that we aren’t highly competitive.

“Great team to deal with throughout the process and a very competitive price. Would definitely recommend.”

Looking for more shutters? Survey Team at Plantation Shutters Ltd

Looking for more shutters?

We know how happy our customers are with their shutters and in most cases they come back for more. For that reason, we keep files of shutter orders going back over 10 years so should you require more shutters for different windows, we will be able to find your previous order for comparison purposes and match your specifications.

“Reliable and efficient, this is the 2nd time I have used Plantation Shutters and once again the service and product have been fantastic!”

Measuring and installing it yourself?

We also offer a supply only service where you provide us with your measurements, we order and deliver the shutters to a location of your preference, and then you take care of the installation. We will guide you through the ordering process to make sure you understand what you are ordering. Note this service is only available for UK mainland.

“Just a note to let you know that the shutters have been delivered and are fitted. I did find it very easy to fit them. Best regards to all of you.”

Our Manufacturer

Our plantation shutters are made in China. We have been working with our manufacturer for over 20 years during which time a mutual understanding has been built up and fundamental changes have been implemented to improve fixing methods, quality, and the general usability of a shutter or indeed the hardware. The manufacturer we use is not only the largest worldwide manufacturer supplying shutters all over the world but also in my view they are undoubtedly the best.

Their resources seem to be unlimited and they are totally committed to producing the best shutter in the market and always looking for a way that they can improve the product and hardware. Many smaller companies based in China even admit to trying to replicate their product but without all the quality controls in place, it makes their product a false economy which is why we only purchase shutters from the best.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials

The manufacturing process starts from the raw materials. Our manufacturers have formed a joint venture with the Solomon Island Government with the mission for the practice of responsible and sustainable forest management. The forest is 14,330 hectares and is planted with mixed indigenous and exotic commercial species which grows well in these conditions.

Once harvested these logs get sent to China and go through several processes like cutting and drying till they eventually become beautiful shutters. All of the other raw materials are carefully sourced from well-managed forests and go through rigorous quality control checks before they are considered to be made into a shutter.



The process of manufacturing is unbelievably fantastic. Even after visiting the company at least once a year for the last 14 years it still amazes me how meticulous each section is and the attention to detail every stage has. It is truly jaw-dropping and at the end of every manufacture there is a works line that checks it before it goes to the next stage.

The process is fairly manual but there is also state-of-the-art accurate machinery which are gauges to tiny tolerances enabling them to make shutter panel after shutter panel to the quality they do.

Research, Development and Testing

Research, Development and Testing

This is going on as we speak. They are looking for new track designs, new fixing methods, trying other materials or different and better remote controls. If they find something they want to roll out within the market, several months of testing take place before it is launched into the market. Because of the scale of the operation they cannot afford to have a product recall on their products.

Testing takes place on hardware for corrosion and strength and also on fading UV factors. What happens to a panel if it is subjected to very hot or cold conditions? Then add a moisture content or not to this, they even test the strength of the cardboard boxes that the shutters are packed in (which are also custom made to fit the panels precisely to lower the risk of transit damage).

In summary, exceptional craftsmanship combined with trouble-free design and engineering equals for long term performance and value.

Responsible Sourcing

All our wooden products come from managed forests including Hardwood and Pearlwood shutters. Our manufacturer has formed a joint venture with the Solomon Island Government with the mission for the practice of responsible and sustainable forest management. It not only ensures we follow the best practices in responsible sourcing but most importantly, it generates many jobs for the locals.

Packing and Recycling

Thanks to you, we are very busy fitting shutters throughout London all day and the volume of shutter panels we install has been increasing yearly. All those panels come in cardboard boxes so you can imagine the amount of empty boxes we have to deal with on a daily basis. In order for us to able to manage all of them responsibly, efficiently, and sustainably, we have invested in a bailing machine.

Timber Certification

Responsible Sourcing

Our manufacturer respect and support responsible forest management and are committed to producing quality shutters. All their wood suppliers are thoroughly inspected to ensure they maintain a legal and sustainable chain of custody for all wood inputs. Nien Made Enterprise Co Ltd (Our Shutter Manufacturer) hold the world recognised FSC certificate for responsible forest management (Certificate No. DNV-COC-000195)

Making Products Safe for You and Your Family

Plantation Shutters Ltd recognises the importance of using products that are safe for your family and the environment. No harmful substances are added in our products during the manufacturing processes. It is our goal to make use of sustainable, non-toxic and recyclable materials. Our manufacturer has stringent requirements and standards for the production processes, including the strict management of upstream supply chain procurement. All raw materials must comply with legal regulations and requirements for the contents of 8 major heavy metals when making purchases.

All suppliers of raw materials must provide the latest test reports every 3 months to check on the health, safety and quality of our products at the source. All our raw materials have extremely low or nil VOC’s, heavy metals and formaldehyde emissions as well as no added harmful chemicals. As a final check to give our clients the peace of mind that our shutter products have all been tested and approved under the European REACH standards.

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