One of the many reasons that shutters make an ideal window dressing solution is because they are a more secure option to dress windows than blinds or curtains by being securely fixed around the whole space.

Exactly how secure any particular set of shutters are is dependent on multiple factors including the material that is selected and any added extras on the panels. There are numerous different variations to this as it depends on certain selections including material choices and potential extras such as locks or bolts that can be added to panels.

Plantation Shutters create an additional layer on windows so naturally act as more of a deterrent barrier because of their fixed coverage of the window area. This is more so the case than for other window dressings as blinds and curtains tend to only be attached to window areas at the top so do not have the same barrier levels.

Whilst the fixing of shutter frames and panels to windows can create more of a deterrent to the entry of window spaces, regular shutters are not in themselves a security measure. The protections that the shutters provide can be enhanced by the addition of locks, bolts or catches.

Locks and bolts

At the time of ordering your shutters, you can explore the possibility of adding locks or bolts to panels which may give you that extra piece of mind that the panels will be firmly closed. These are particularly handy for children’s bedrooms or nurseries where you may want to create a cross breeze through the room by having windows behind the panels open but want to ensure that the panels are carefully secured into place. Locks, bolts or catches are a good method for securing panels but are again not actually a full security method. Luckily, we started offering a start of the art Aluminium Security panelled shutter a couple of years which by nature is a secure coverage to the window area – Aluminium security shutters.

Aluminium Security Shutters

Security shutters are made from architectural grade Aluminium and have reinforced Italian bolt locking systems so when the shutters are locked the panels are secured into place. If security is a key focus for the addition of shutter to the window area, this is the only material worth considering. The reinforced design of the shutters means that they are securely locked into place once bolts are activated so you will have piece of mind that the panels are protecting your home. We have a dedicated website for our Aluminium Security shutters where you can see the durability of the shutters in action. Aluminium security shutters can replace other traditional home security measures including bars and grills which are visually unappealing. Security shutters are a fantastic way to protect the home without sacrificing the style of the windows as the design of the Aluminium panels mimics the design of wooden or other design shutters.


If you are looking to utilise shutters as a home security measure then you want to know that you have the most experienced team handling every detail of your shutter order. With 40 years experience in the shutters industry and being one of the leading innovators of Aluminium Security Shutters when they were launched in the UK from security conscious South Africa, you’ll know that you are in safe hands with Plantation Shutters on the case. To start your shutter journey, simply contact the team on 02088719222, submit some basic widths and heights of the windows to our Online Quote Calculator, or alternatively use our Contact Us form and our friendly office team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.